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Ya Su-jin’s mistake → 2 runs… Kim Seo-hyun, who showed a ‘vibranium mental’, how did director Subero view

“When I looked at baseball and the players, Kim Seo-hyun was very positive.”

Hanwha Eagles rookie Kim Seo-hyun scored the first run in his debut in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home game against LG Twins held at Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park on the 21st. It was regrettable that his mistake was attacked, but the effect of his fielding error was greater.

Kim Seo-hyun gave up 2 runs on 3 hits in 1 inning (no ERA). One of the three hits was also an error play by the field team. There was a clear reason why both runs were unearned.

Hanwha coach Carlos Subero, who we met before the game on the 22nd, said about Kim Seo-hyun’s pitching, “I definitely should have caught an outcount when I faced the first hitter.” I did everything and overcame the crisis,” he said.

“Even in difficult situations, I did not panic. Uncharacteristically for a young player, he showed good crisis management skills and showed great performances by encouraging players older than himself.”

Director Subero’s praise for Kim Seo-hyun continued. He said, “It is more important to look at baseball and the results of players beyond simply numbers. Kim Seo-hyun’s appearance is very positive.”

In fact, Kim Seo-hyun showed appreciation and encouragement to Park Jung-hyun, who showed a wonderful double play after Moon Seong-joo made a catch error on a simple ground ball. Since he is a rookie, he boasted a rather strong mentality even in situations where he could freeze sufficiently.

“It was really good,” said Subero메이저사이트. It was a scene where you can feel that he has a very high understanding of baseball as well as talent. Kim Seo-hyun proved that he fully understands the hearts of players in other positions beyond himself on the mound. The important thing at that time is to put it down quickly and do the next one. In that respect, the gesture Kim Seohyun showed was very good. If I had been Park Jung-hyun, I would have been very grateful.”

The single scene Kim Seo-hyun showed could fully explain what kind of work ethic he had. Coach Subero also strongly agreed.

Coach Subero said, “When evaluating prospects, the first thing is the work ethic. I watched prospects for 30 years and there were countless players who threw fast balls. Most of them can’t even rise to double A and quit baseball. In the end, work ethic is important,” he said. “The 8th inning in the last game was a moment when the flow of the game could flow urgently. However, that one gesture from Kim Seo-hyun can slow the flow and relieve the tension of his teammates. Young players who have walked solid roads, including middle school and college, can be shaken when they fall into a crisis when they come to the pros. Kim Seo-hyun was also properly attacked by Kim Hyun-soo in the second half of the 150km range. In the meantime, he may doubt what he has built up, or on the contrary, he can go by believing in himself and his colleagues. It is the role of the leader to look at that part. In that respect, Seohyun Kim fully believed in herself and her colleagues.”

It may be a scene that can be easily missed, but at that small point, director Subero highly evaluated Kim Seo-hyun’s potential. In such a tight situation, the image of a newcomer had a different meaning. Hanwha got a really cool rookie.

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