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“Why does Chunhyang look like this?”… Namwon is ‘noisy’ in the new portrait

Namwon, Jeollabuk-do, is again noisy over the newly produced ‘Chunhyang portrait’ in the pro-Japanese controversy. This is because the image of the new Chunhyang is very awkward, such as being seen as a woman in her 40s and 50s with a neutral appearance스포츠토토. As a result, there are growing calls for repainting or for the first portrait to be hung over 90 years ago.

Namwon City and the Namwon Cultural Center held a ceremony to enshrine the portrait of Chunhyang prior to the 93rd Chunhyang Festival on the 25th of last month and enshrined the new portrait at Chunhyang Shrine in Gwanghalluwon.

This portrait was entrusted by Namwon City and Namwon Cultural Center led the production. Artist Kim Hyeon-cheol drew it in a size of 94 cm in width and 173 cm in height.

Namwon City, Namwon Cultural Center, and writer Kim said in a press release, “The portrait of the new Chunhyang is to ride on the swing while dressing up on the first day of May, which appears in the first part of the complete version of the pansori, ‘Chunhyang Sujeolga’ and the classic version of ‘Chunhyangjeon’. It is a figure of an 18th century woman around the age of 17.” At the same time, she added that she referred to the appearance of seven female students recommended from a girls’ high school in Namwon during the preparation process.

However, as portraits of portraits spread in various ways afterwards, criticism that “Chunhyang’s appearance is strange” is growing.

The Namwon Civic Society Conference, a gathering of 15 organizations, said in a statement on the 14th, “Chunhyang in the new painting is an old woman who can hardly be seen as a teenager. In addition, the public opinion is that Chunhyang’s virtue and dignity could not be properly expressed,” he argued.

Kang Kyung-sik, representative of the Citizens’ Coalition for the Restoration of Chunhyang’s First Portrait, emphasized, “The new portrait is a ‘forced Chunhyang’ that does not remind us of Chunhyang in Namwon at all.” .

Previously, Namwon City demolished the portrait of Chunhyang, which was painted by artist Eun-ho Kim in 1939 and then lost, and repainted in 1961, in September 2020. Since this work was written by Kim, who was a pro-Japanese figure, there was a great public opinion for replacement.

The first portrait of Chunhyang was painted by Kang Shin-ho and Lim Gyeong-soo in 1931 for the first Chunhyang Festival, and depicts a woman in her 30s. It was partially damaged during the Korean War, but it is said to be in good condition as it was stored in the storage of the Namwon Folk Museum.

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