What is the 9th episode of ‘Diaz Leaving’ NYM? ‘Iron Wall Robertson + Ottavino’

How is the situation at the back door of the New York Mets메이저놀이터, where Edwin Diaz (29), the ‘best closer’ who won a $100 million contract for the first time as a relief pitcher, left?

The New York Mets lost Diaz during the last 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC). Diaz suffered a right knee injury during the ceremony and was out for the season.

It is difficult to completely replace Diaz’s void. However, the New York Mets are defending the ninth well by using David Robertson (38) and Adam Ottavino (38).

Robertson pitched 6 1/3 innings in six games on the season, with two saves and a 0.00 ERA. 6 strikeouts with no walks.

Ottavino also performed well. He pitched 5 innings in 6 games, with 1 save -1 hold and an earned run average of 1.80. 1 walk and 7 strikeouts.

The ERA of the New York Mets pitchers is currently in the middle of the league, but these two pitchers as closers are doing well.

The New York Mets, which were evaluated as candidates for the World Series championship, are struggling in the early stages, but the problem with the starting lineup and the batting line, which are at the bottom of the league, is bigger.

The ninth inning of the New York Mets, which caused great concern due to Diaz’s departure. However, two veteran pitchers, Robertson and Ottavino, are filling Diaz’s void as much as possible.

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