What Does Your Favorite Casino Game Say About You?

Best for newcomers and those who like to take it easy
Slots are the games most players probably master before turning to other games with higher stakes, partly because they’re the quickest to learn,. Based on the early “one-armed bandits,” slots offer not only entertainment but also a means of social interaction without requiring a large capital outlay.

Even more appealing for newbies is playing slots online. This is because when you play online slots, you can play through the demo options and find a game that suits you best.

Slot games are perfect for people who are looking for a distraction without too much commitment in terms of time or money. They are easy to play, entertaining, visually appealing and pay out often enough to keep gameplay exciting.

Games that unite players
By virtue of the fact that your hand or bet can often benefit other players, craps and roulette are seen as games that unite punters around the table. These punters are considered full of energy, exuberant and are often the most vocal of the casino table games crowd.

Both games rely very much on the luck of the draw to win. In craps, you bet that you won’t roll a 7; in roulette, you bet that the ball will land on your chosen number or area of the roulette table. The uncertainty of both games draws the adrenaline junkies to the table, along with the idea that they can beat the odds on a wing and a prayer to Lady Luck.

When the outcome does go your way, your fellow players will be right there celebrating your victory. And when you lose, they’ll be sad with you too – until the next punter wins and the celebrations begin anew.

The game for the mathematical brain

Blackjack is a game for the more meticulous punter as it requires the player to keep an eye on both the dealer’s and the other players’ cards. In fact, it’s known as one of the most binge-worthy casino games.

Bets are placed before the hand is dealt and the initial round of cards is dealt face-up to the punters and face-down to the dealer. The second round is dealt the opposite way. Based on what cards are dealt, the punters can then decide on a course of action – to hit, stand, double down or even split the pair.

Described as “even-keeled, competitive and savvy,” blackjack players are also patient and able to spend hours at the table enjoying the ebb and flow of the game. They are also quite happy to welcome new gamers to the table and to show them the ropes.

Do you have a poker face?
Poker is probably one of the most famous games next to slots. With all its variants, it’s also considered one of the best casino games to play. Poker players are said to be among the best body language readers and tacticians.

Similar to blackjack players in terms of the level of awareness of what’s going on, poker players take “keeping cool” to a whole new level (although some have been known to lose their cool, sometimes deliberately.)

Casino characters
Aside from the games you play, there are specific mindsets that punters in both online casinos and physical casinos exhibit. These fall into these four categories:

The new guy: This player isn’t brand new on the floor, but they may not have enough confidence to try the high-stakes games and will more than likely end up playing slots.
The big show: This punter is there for the game and to have a great time playing online casino – they’re also there to play bigger stakes. If the game is heading towards repetition or boredom, they may place a big all-in bet to spice things up.
The chosen one: This player believes in luck. They will have a lucky charm or a special place they sit in the casino or at the table. This punter knows the games but may pay less attention to tactics or strategy than to attracting good fortune.
The professional: This is the player who keeps an eye on everything and everyone. They know exactly what they are doing when it comes to their game of choice. Equally importantly, they bet smart and cleverly manage their bankrolls.

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