Vieira wanted it first” Mpoku reveals the story behind his younger brother’s transfer

Paul Jose Mpoku,온라인카지노 who has dual citizenship from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Belgium, is a Tottenham Hotspur academy graduate.

And his younger brother is none other than Tottenham’s North London rival, Arsenal. Mpoku brought up a new story about his younger brother, who recently moved on loan. 

In an interview held in Changwon on the 14th, Mpoku opened up about the transfer of his younger brother Lokonga. Loconga, like his older brother, moved on loan to Crystal Palace in the January transfer window.

Regarding this, Mpoku said, “Because I am the eldest brother, I give a lot of advice. I had a similar experience while at Tottenham, and personally, being in a big club was not important, but I wanted to play.” 

He said, “I thought my younger brother would have that feeling, so I understood. But I wanted my younger brother to stay at Arsenal. He said he wanted to play and the decision was made by his younger brother. I respect the decision.” 

Lo Conga hails from Anderlecht Youth, a prestigious Belgian team, a different team from his older brother. After joining Anderlecht’s first team in January 2018, he received a transfer offer from Arsenal in the summer of 2021 and joined Arsenal.

However, before Arsenal, the first team to offer him was Crystal Palace. 

“Crystal Palace wanted his younger brother before Arsenal,” Mpoku said. “Director Patrick Vieira himself said he wanted Loconga first. I chose,” he said. 

He added, “This time, once again, coach Vieira wanted a younger brother, so I think this transfer was made easy.” 

Mpoku also said that roommate Delbridge was the first player to know about Lokonga’s move. He said, “Before the official came out, even before reporter Fabricio Romano, famous in foreign football, knew about his brother’s move, his roommate Del Bridges.” 

“He will train well with us and help us,” Vieira said of Loconga on the 11th. Evaluated.

Meanwhile, Lokonga started as a central midfielder in the 2022/23 Premier League round 24 away match against Brentford on this day and played for 63 minutes. 

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