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US track and field Davis-Woodhall suspended for one month for marijuana use

 U.S. track and field women’s long jump national team member Tara Davis-Woodhall (23) was suspended for one month for allegedly using marijuana.

The record for winning the U.S. Indoor Track and Field Championships was also deleted.

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) said on the 26th (Korean time), “marijuana components were detected in Davis-Woodhall’s urine sample collected on February 17.” , and also completed a substance abuse program, and was suspended for one month, which is the ‘least discipline’.”

Davis-Wood Hall accepted USADA’s decision, and her disciplinary period (March 21-April 20) has already ended.

However, USADA decided to erase the record of Davis-Woodhall, who won the 6m99 at the US Indoor Track and Field Championships held in Albuquerque, New Mexico on February 17th.

When USADA disclosed the details of Davis-Woodhall’s punishment for marijuana use, which had already been suspended, some American players argued that “marijuana does not help improve performance at all. It is unfair to use marijuana as a punishment.” Because.

It was American sprinter Shacari Richardson (23) who sparked the controversy.

Richardson was noted for스포츠토토 his flashy appearance and explosive speed, changing his hair color and artificial nails every race.

American athletics, which had been pushed back by Jamaica for a long time in the short distance, recalled Florence Griffith Joyner, the women’s 100m world record holder, while watching Richardson, and the British Guardian pointed out Richardson as ‘the most attractive athlete since Usain Bolt’.

On June 20, 2021, in Eugene, Oregon, USA, in the women’s 100m final of the U.S. track and field team selection event for the Tokyo Olympics, Richardson won with 10.86 in 10.86, seemingly securing the Olympic berth given to the top three.

However, marijuana was detected in a drug test, and in the end, right before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, the athlete’s qualifications were disqualified for one month.

As her representative selection record was also canceled, she lost the right to participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

Richardson confessed, “She received the obituary of her mother (who she had lived away for a long time) ahead of the U.S. track and field event for the Tokyo Olympics. did.

Richardson’s use of marijuana has caused a social debate beyond the American track and field community.

Many, including sports stars, argued that “marijuana has no effect on performance” and that “Richardson should compete in the Tokyo Olympics.”

US President Joe Biden also commented negatively on Richardson’s selection for the national team, saying, “The rules should apply to everyone the same,” and “Richardson went through difficult things and coped well (after being caught on a doping test), but rules are rules.” paid

After admitting to using marijuana, Richardson also gave up participating in the Tokyo Olympics, saying, “I know what I did. I have no intention of avoiding responsibility.”

Even after that, the American sports world continues to debate over marijuana.

USADA said, “We follow the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) regulations. We will support WADA’s position that we do not want marijuana to harm the fairness of sports.”

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