‘Trying to avoid jaywalking’ Incheon National University, 5 collisions including patrol cars

An accident occurred in which five vehicles, including a patrol car, collided in a chain on an automobile-only road in Incheon.

At around 2:10 am this morning, a taxi running on three lanes near Gajwa IC on Incheon-daero (formerly Gyeongin Expressway) in Seo-gu메이저사이트, Incheon stopped and four vehicles following it collided one after another.

Six people, including the driver of the five vehicles, were injured in the accident and were treated at the hospital.

Among the vehicles in the accident, a patrol car that was dispatched to the scene after receiving another report was also included, and two police officers in the vehicle were also found to be injured.

Police are investigating the exact circumstances of the accident, assuming that the accident occurred when the vehicles in front stopped while the taxi was avoiding a woman in her 50s who was jaywalking at the time of the accident.

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