‘Treasure that grows rapidly’ Kim Bo-bae “I will steadily increase outside play”

Kim Bo-bae is showing his potential to grow into a big wing카지노

Yonsei University won 80-55 in the match against Dongguk University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Dongguk University Gymnasium on the 5th. 

On this day, Kim Bo-bae recorded 16 points and 8 rebounds, leading the team to victory along with Yugi-sang, who scored 24 points. He aimed for goals through various routes, from breaking through the net to mid-range jumpers, and showed his presence in defense by recording two blocked shots.

Kim Bo-bae said, “The big men of Dongguk University are fast and have a long shot distance, so I went out a little more physically than usual to avoid being pushed back. As a result, I naturally had many chances, and I think I got good results when I played confidently.”

Next, Kim Bo-bae said, “During the operation time at the end of the game, the coach told me not to look at the score because the game was not over, but to push to the end. 

Kim Bo-bae has been a player who plays more like a swing man than a big man despite his height of 202 cm since his days in Jeonju High School. Yonsei University coach Ho-jin Yun also praised Kim Bo-bae’s versatility in an interview after the match, saying, “He’s a good ball player. One of my dreams is to write a big lineup with Kim Bo-bae as a wing someday.” 

Regarding this, Kim Bo-bae said, “Although the frequency of playing on the outskirts has decreased compared to high school, it is not particularly difficult to play because there are many good big men on the team.

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