‘Training Day 10’ National Team, Successful Combination of Old and New

“Young players ask a lot, and I tell them as much as I can. If you ask me questions, I’m grateful.”

The key to the national team, which is made up of players with proven skills, is the harmony of old and new. The baseball team has been convened for 10 days. What caught my eye throughout the training was the conversations between seniors and juniors. Veteran players such as Kim Gwang-hyun, Yang Hyeon-jong, and Yang Eui-ji and Young-gun players such as Kang Baek-ho, Gu Chang-mo, and Lee Eui-ri were often caught talking about baseball with each other.

When asked about the team atmosphere, Yang Hyeon-jong and Jung Woo-young unanimously replied that the harmony between seniors and juniors is well established. In particular, Yang Hyeon-jong showed the aspect of a friendly senior by saying that he was rather grateful if he asked him a question.

You can watch the on-site video of the national team’s new and old harmony on Spotify News’ Sports Sports Channel.스포츠토토

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