“Tottenham, the world is not going to turn out without Kane”…Jones “There is Richarlison”

It has been argued that Tottenham’s loss of Harry Kane may not be a total disaster.

Bleacher Report insider Dean Jones said Tottenham’s loss of Kane would not be the end of the world given that Richarlison has recently proven himself to be a capable number nine.

Kane missed a penalty kick in the quarterfinals against France at the World Cup in Qatar, providing an excuse for England to be eliminated from the World Cup.

Kane took full responsibility for England’s elimination on social media, writing that it would take him a long time to get over the disappointment.

Kane has been the target of Bayern Munich, the giant of the German Bundesliga. Most recently, there was news that Bayern Munich was preparing a ‘precise plan’ to lure Kane to the Allianz Arena.

In response, Jones argued that Kane may not be as indispensable to Tottenham as once thought, given Richarlison’s impressive performance at the World Cup in Brazil. 메이저사이트

“Obviously, keeping Kane is still a very important issue,” Jones told Give Me Sports . “Tottenham want that, but if Kane leaves and they can make some changes to the team to fit Richarlison, it certainly feels like the end of the world.” “Tottenham can rely on Brazil’s number 9 instead of England’s number 9,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tottenham has a plan to retain both manager Antonio Conte and Kane.

However, if Conte goes to Juventus, the expectation that Kane can move is dominant.

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