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The plane is full of relief goods → Turkiyero… Ronaldo, good deeds ‘GOAT’

 It was revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo secretly sent relief supplies out of regret for the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria.

Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 5th that “Ronaldo filled the plane with relief goods and sent it to the earthquake site.”토토사이트

It is news that, in the midst of the major earthquake, they recognized the situation without houses, food, and medicine, and came forward to solve these problems at least a little.

The newspaper said, “Portugal Legends loaded the plane with tents, milk kits, blankets, children’s food, milk, and medical supplies,” and “already headed to Turkey and Syria.”

Ronaldo ended his life in Europe and signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr on December 30 last year. He accepts exorbitant financial conditions, such as his annual salary of 200 million euros or 270 billion won in Korean currency, and plays for Al Nasr.

He is also demonstrating the world’s best striker class in the Middle East, such as being selected as the ‘Player of February’ in the Saudi Arabian first division league.

Then, watching the disasters in Turkey and Syria adjacent to the Middle East, they rolled up their arms and appeared to help.

‘Daily Mail’ said, “Ronaldo’s good deeds have been done before” and “he donated 83,000 dollars (about 100 million won) for brain treatment of children, and when the fundraising for the establishment of a cancer hospital in Portugal started, 160,000 There was a time when I paid 5,000 dollars (about 200 million won).”

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