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“The loss against Newcastle was painful” Tottenham defender’s confession

The wind caused by the 1-6 defeat against Newcastle United did not disappear easily.

Tottenham moved away from the fight for fourth place, which puts their ticket to next season’s UEFA Champions League at stake, and assistant coach Cristian Stellini, who was acting manager in place of Antonio Conte, was sacked. Coach Ryan Mason took over the acting baton.

In addition, Jamie O’Hara, who played for Tottenham as a player, criticized Richarlison and Ivan Perisic for changing jerseys with Newcastle United players after the match.

Finally, the Tottenham club bowed its head by fully refunding tickets to Tottenham fans who visited the away game.

What were the Tottenham players thinking as they watched the away fans, who had traveled over 400km to Newcastle, leave the field 9ㅋㅋㅋ벳 minutes after the start of the game, and even the acting coach was sacked?

Defender Clement Lenglet, who watched the match against Newcastle United from the bench, opened his mouth.

In an interview with British Talk Sports on the 26th (Korean time), he said, “It was a tough day. Besides, the way we lost the game is more disappointing.”

“After the club made a statement about Stellini, the first two or three days were difficult. Now we have to work together in the same direction and get the best result against Manchester United,” he said. “It hurts a lot because it’s not easy to accept that outcome. It was hard to understand the way we played. The fans came a long way to play and it was painful to feel their frustration.”

Tottenham, who switched to Mason’s acting system, will meet Manchester United at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on the 28th.

Manchester United are in 4th place with 59 points, 6 points ahead of Tottenham. In addition, since they have played two less matches, they are more advantageous in the fight for 4th place. For Tottenham, it is certain that they will be eliminated from the fight for fourth place if they do not collect three points against Manchester United.

“We have to prepare for the game against Manchester United. We are ready to fight again and we will perform better,” Lenglet said. “We have to start the game strong and try to achieve the best possible result.”

Regarding Mason, the new acting head coach, “It was not easy for Coach Stellini to take responsibility. He gave his best every day, worked hard and fought alongside us. Mason has been here for a long time. Everyone at the club appreciates his qualities. I know. We have to find a solution to win with him.”

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