The father is an Olympic silver legend and Samsung fan, and the son becomes the hope of the Samsung infield.

Will the DNA of a wrestling legend be the hope of the Samsung infield?

Infielder Kim Jae-sang (19), whom Samsung nominated in the third round of the 2023 KBO rookie draft, is the son of “Wrestling Legend” Kim In-seop (50), the coach of the Samsung Life Insurance Wrestling Team.

Coach Kim In-seop won gold medals at the 1998 Bangkok Asian Games and 2002 Busan Asian Games as a player, and won a valuable silver medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics by demonstrating his ‘fighting spirit against rib injuries’. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he also served as a coach for the national team.

Coach Kim In-seop, a native of Daegu, is a longtime Samsung fan and had a great influence on the life of his ‘son’ Kim Jae-sang. “My father is a Samsung fan, so I naturally grew up watching Samsung baseball,” said Kim Jae-sang.

Kim Jae-sang said, “Ever since I was little, my father raised me to be strong. Even in high school, I did personal training with my father.” At the time, Kim Jae-sang focused on weight training under his father’s instructions.

Kim Jae-sang is currently sweating at Samsung’s 1st team spring camp held in Okinawa, Japan. He occasionally calls father and son, but coach Kim In-seop only asks, “How are you?” and “Are you doing well?” Is it to avoid burdening his son? Kim Jae-sang also said, “When I talk to my father on the phone, he doesn’t seem to say much.”메이저놀이터

Samsung’s spring camp is also coming to an end. Coincidentally, Samsung is conducting intense training that is called ‘hell training’ this year. For a rookie athlete who has just graduated from high school, it may be an unbearable schedule. However, Kim Jae-sang said confidently, “At first, it was difficult because the amount of training was higher than expected, but now it seems that I have adapted and it seems to be fun. It was fun to train with the hyungs I used to watch on TV.”

He is showing improvement in both offense and defense through spring camp. The goal is to show a good image,” he promised in a firm voice.

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