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 The famous lecturer’s workbook is as it is in the National Association of Education Assessment?

At the beginning of this month, high school students across the country took the national academic ability test.

However, controversy is brewing as some questions in the English course are presented as if they were copied from a famous lecturer’s workbook.

Only a few words were changed in the text, but the text was practically the same.

However, the education authorities were completely unaware of this until MBC ‘s coverage began.

Reporter Goo Yeon-yeon covered the story exclusively.

◀ Report ▶

On the evening of the 1st, the National Association of High School Students’ Academic Assessment was held.

A famous English teacher in Seoul received a text message from a teacher she knew in another area.

She said, “Questions 43 to 45 of the first grade English course are almost the same as the contents of her teacher’s workbook.”

How similar were they?

The left side is the instructor’s mock exam questions, and the right side is the academic ability test questions for this June.

If you color match words in four paragraphs, they are virtually identical fingerprints. Only a few words have been changed, such as

‘marine ‘ , which means marine, and ‘ soldier ‘, which means soldier.

In the case of the last question, only some of the choices are slightly different.

[English Instructor]
“It’s a textbook that came out during the COVID-19 era메이저사이트. I lowered the price because I didn’t want to burden (students).

The joint academic ability evaluation in which the city and provincial offices of education take turns in charge of setting the questions.

This test was organized by the Busan Office of Education.

When the MBC coverage began, the Busan Office of Education hurriedly investigated the circumstances, saying, “I admit responsibility for not being able to filter out duplicate fingerprints,” but said, “It seems to be a coincidence.”

However, the instructor responds with absurdity.

It is a collection of problems that have already been published three years ago and has been used as a textbook at various academies, and how can the fingerprints taken from a short article on a British writer’s website overlap?

Moreover, he is not a famous writer, and he said that he couldn’t understand that the exact same passage came out on the exam with a similar type of question among 80 homepage posts at the time.

[English Instructor]
“Even if the fingerprints are the same, how can I do that (problem type) in the same order, content matching/inconsistency, designation reasoning…” The

joint academic ability assessment problem, which is held four times a year, is where teachers from all over the country live together for more than a week. presents.

An incumbent teacher with experience in participating said, “The most important part is to make sure that it does not overlap with commercial problem books.”

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