The difficulty of ‘speeding safely’…SSG new foreigner, who and when? 

 It’s been 20 days since the opening on the 1st. One foreign pitcher has already been replaced. Hanwha sent Birch Smith (33)안전놀이터 and brought Ricardo Sanchez (26). It’s not over. With a high probability, SSG is next.

On the 19th, Hanwha requested the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) to disclose a waiver for Smith. “We plan to have a new foreign pitcher join the team as soon as possible,” he said.

After about 16 hours, a new foreign pitcher was announced. They announced the signing of young left-hander Ricardo Sanchez, born in 1997 in Venezuela.

In the major leagues, he only pitched in three games with the bullpen. He spent most of his career in the minor leagues. Of his 140 career games in the minors, 133 were starts. He could be described as a ‘pure starting pitcher’.

He sprinkles two-seam with similar restraint on a fastball with a speed of 140 km/h (up to 151 km/h), and uses curves, sliders, and changeups. It has everything you need. His career isn’t great, but if he does what he expects, he can help the starting lineup.

That’s how the answer came. The replacement wind is just starting. Next is likely to be SSG. Because Annie Romero is trouble. He went to the US for treatment. But he can’t even throw the ball yet. Naturally, SSG is also looking for a new foreign pitcher.

Director Kim Won-hyeong, who we met at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 19th, said, “It is true that we have to prepare. Romero is unable to throw the ball. I am receiving treatment and counseling from my primary care physician in the United States. If the club is notified, you have to listen to it again,” he pointed out.

He continued, “I can’t wait. We are looking for players in the overseas part. Although the starting lineup is running now, there is no room to spare. Conversely, due to the large proportion of foreign players, it is not possible to just bring them in. We need to establish a one-two punch for foreigners,” he emphasized.

It is a situation where you have to be careful but also speed up. Director Kim Won-hyung also said, “It feels like the front and back don’t match. It’s ironic, but that’s how things are now.” He smiled bitterly.

Also, “Soon it will be May. Even if you sign a contract with the pitcher you are throwing at, it will take time considering administrative procedures. Above all, there are no players in the US right now. Isn’t it a situation where you can see the big leagues from the player’s point of view? It is not easy to choose overseas,” he said, expressing his frustration.

Director Kim Won-hyung’s eyes are high. No wonder. We want players who are all-round. There is a ‘gap’. Fireballers who throw 160 km per hour do not come to Korea anyway. At this point, you can only throw 150 km/h. It is competitive even if it is constantly sprayed in the second half of 140 km/h.

It is not fast enough in the US, but it is fast enough in Korea. The same goes for other parts including the jegu. Although he is a major leaguer, we should aim for a player who is also ambiguous to say that he is a big league fixture. I also need to get on the plane to Korea soon.

diligently looking for He even went as far as signing a contract with a player. It was canceled when the player decided to challenge the major. Experienced people have also contacted, but it is not easy.

It’s not that there aren’t any starting pitchers right now. Kirk McCarty has found the pace, and Kim Gwang-hyun will also have a comeback match on the 21st. Moon Seung-won, Park Jong-hoon, and Oh Won-seok are also starting, and rookie Song Young-jin was also shocked in his first appearance.

However, Moon Seung-won, Park Jong-hoon, and Oh Won-seok are slightly jagged. Song Young-jin also needs to watch more. This means that the sense of stability is relatively low.

It is best to bring in a new foreign pitcher quickly. The problem is that it is not green. It’s just embarrassing that this situation seems to have to ‘safely speed’. 

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