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The best batted ball that Rex kicked… Home run to double at the end of the video review

Jack Rex, the right fielder of the Lotte Giants, kicked SSG Landers’ Choi Jeong’s home run ball as if blocking it and turned it into a ‘double hit’.

Choi Jung-eun drew an arch that went slightly over the right wall by hitting Park Se-woong’s fastball at the first base with a one-out at the end of the first inning in a home game against professional baseball Lotte held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon today (4th스포츠토토).

However, Lotte right fielder Rex put his glove over the outfield wall.

The ball landed in Rex’s glove, but just as Rex was about to kick the ball up by bending his wrist, the ball slipped out of the glove and landed on the ground.

The first decision was a home run.

The umpire judged that the ball hit Rex’s glove and hit a banner with an advertisement in the right outfield.

Choi Jung-eun came home and received congratulations from her colleagues at the dugout.

Then Lotte manager Larry Sutton applied for a video review.

The criterion for dividing Choi Jeong’s batted ball into home runs and doubles was ‘whether the ball was in contact with the banner outside the outfield wall’.

If the ball hit Rex’s glove and hit the banner and fell to the ground, it was a home run, and if only Rex’s glove hit the ground, it was recognized as a ‘double hit’.

A video review showed that the ball did not touch the banner.

Choi Jung-eun’s batted ball was corrected to a double, and Choi Jeong-eun returned to second base and Choo Shin-soo returned to third base.

Lotte catcher Yoo Kang-nam spilled the ball at Guillermo Heredia’s at-bat, and third base runner Choo Shin-soo scored, but SSG’s attack at the bottom of the 1st inning ended without Choi Jeong-eun hitting home.

With Rex’s defense, Lotte gave up only one run at the end of the first inning, not two.

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