[The 27th LG Cup Chosun Ilbo Kiwangjeon] Passing the ball

<Second Report> (14-29) = In the rankings last November, when this edition was placed, Kim Myung-hoon was ranked 7th in Korea and Ding Hao was 7th in China. Kim Myung-hoon came up ahead of Seol Hyun-jun and Byeon Sang-il, and Ding Hao over Kim Ji-seok. Considering their status, they must have met several times on the international stage, but it was their first confrontation. Kim Myung-hoon is three years old, but it is a battle that cannot be conceded to each other. 안전놀이터

They’re both good at shorthand, but they’re pretty slow in the beginning. I thought 9 minutes at 13 and 10 minutes at 15. The hundred 18 and 22 are also numbers that I struggled with in the 7th and 6th minutes. It was good to set the frame with ‘Ga’ with 14 in response to Black ▲’s counterattack. 15, 17 토토amputation is natural. 19 Attachment is a pulse point, and it is a single path until 21. 22 was heavy. It was a chance to take control of the beach by throwing away 3 points like the reference 1 degree.

23~27 looks awkward at first glance, but it’s a place that will be treated like this. Then the choice of the bag is difficult. Note: Saving 4 white points by placing 2 at 1 is painful because it is cut off with black 2. If you put it up to 12, it’s an easy progression for black. Ding Hao defended the bottom with 28 and passed the ball to Black. Here, the two knights exchange bargains like masters… .