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Tens of thousands of nurses and students gathered in Gwanghwamun… There are no problems with treatment or surgery right now.

Today (19th), tens of thousands of nurses gathered in Gwanghwamun, Seoul. In the meantime, nurses have been doing it, but to be precise, they said they would not do anything that is not a nurse’s job. It’s not right away, but if it’s prolonged, medical treatment and surgery will inevitably be disrupted.

This is Reporter Hwang Ye-rin.


The entire Gwanghwamun area is full.

The Nursing Association estimated 100,000 people and the police estimated 20,000 incumbent nurses and nursing students.

[Establish a Nursing Law supported by the people, enact it!]

There were also nurses from Jeju Island.

[Kang Bo-kyung/Nurse: I had no choice but to take a personal vacation and pay expensive airfare to help, even though I was weak.]

The nurses said they would not do illegal medical practices, which were already customary.

[Nurse at an advanced general hospital: For those who cannot eat by mouth, the act of inserting a tube is also practiced a lot by nurses in the intensive care unit, so if there is no nursing law, we are all criminals… ]

So I insisted on the need for the Nursing Act.

[Lee Jong-min/Nurse: Because nurses have too much work to do as a doctor, a clinical pathologist, and even other hospital work… ]카지노사이트

As soon as the Nursing Association opened a reporting center for illegal medical treatment, the server went down in about an hour as reports flooded in.

There have been no major setbacks until today.

[Korean Hospital Association official: You’re going to go harder and harder. It will continue like this until the National Assembly vote, so shouldn’t we wait a bit?]

However, if this situation continues, patients may not be able to receive medical treatment or surgery when they want.

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