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‘Super Typhoon Mawar’ hits Guam…3,000 South Korean tourists stranded

Guam, a vacation destination in the Pacific Ocean, has been directly hit by Super Typhoon Marawar.

More than 3,000 South Korean tourists are stranded스포츠토토.

Reporter Jung Da-eun reports on the situation on the ground.

A parked car is tossed around by the tremendous rain and flips over two wheels in quick succession.

Roof panels are ripped off like paper and blown away.

Typhoon “Mawar” hit Guam last night with winds of up to 225 kilometers per hour and torrential rains.

It’s been about 20 years since Guam has seen a typhoon this strong since 2002.

[Park Kelly / Guam Resident]
“The bed was shaking, that’s how strong it was, and if it was wind, it was huge, because the house itself was just shaking.”

Trees, including palm trees, were snapped or uprooted and fell on parked cars.

A statue in a park was broken with its ankle snapped.

Hotels where tourists were staying were also flooded, with water soaking through the floors and ripping out ceilings.

The Guam International Airport was also flooded and closed until the first of the following month.

About 3,000 Korean tourists are currently staying in Guam.

[Korean tourist].
“We can’t stay in our hotel room because it’s full of water, so we’re all sleeping together in the lobby. We’ve run out of food for the baby, we’ve run out of emergency food, and we don’t know what to do….”

People are posting in online cafes asking for information about flight delays and cancellations, or where to find grocery stores to buy essentials.

Electricity and water supplies have also been cut off, causing inconvenience to more than 5,000 Korean citizens.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that there have been no casualties among our nationals.

Typhoon Marawar has passed over the waters off Guam and is moving up toward the Philippines.

The U.S. federal government has announced emergency assistance for Guam, which is a major U.S. military base and home to strategic assets.

I’m Jung Da-eun of Channel A News.

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