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 Song Do-joong, winner of the championship, wins side by side among the three (middle school overall)

The winning candidate was, of course, the winning candidate.

Song Do Middle School and Sam Seon Middle School, strong contenders for the championship in the South Central Division, advanced to the semifinals by defeating Whimoon Middle School and An Nam Middle School 63-57, 100-64 in the first round of the 60th Spring National Basketball Association Championship held at Haenam Technical High School on the 18th.

The match between Songdo Middle School and Whimoon Middle School, which was held as the first match of the South Central Quarterfinals, was a series of close matches.

At the beginning of the game, Song Do-joong gave up the lead with a reckless attack, but from the 3rd quarter, Kim Min-gi (194cm, F) stirred under the goal and scored and rebounded, and Lee Joo-ho (188cm, F) also scored and turned the tide of the game.

In Whimoonjung, Lee Hyeon-hoo (185cm, G) struggled hard, but was pushed back in the match under the goal, and even Yatoo, which showed good performance in the early stages, collapsed as the hit rate dropped in the second half.

In the second quarter-final match that followed, Samseonjung defeated Annamjung’s defense from the beginning with overwhelming firepower and easily won the victory.

In Samseonjung, brothers Yoon Ji-won (190cm, F)스포츠토토 and Yoon Ji-hoon (183cm, G) took the lead by jointly scoring 28 points in the first quarter alone.

Ahn Nam-jung tried his best to narrow the score gap, but it was difficult to make up for the continued loss, so he gave up the victory.

In the third quarter final match, the dark horse Jeonju Namjung won a come-from-behind victory 74-65.

Jeonju Namjung showed a somewhat uneasy appearance by allowing reverse and reversal until the 3rd quarter, but the main players of Hogyejung took advantage of the gap in the foul trouble and launched a fierce attack, making a thrilling comeback in the 4th quarter and ending the game with a victory.

In the last game between Samil Middle School and Bae Jae Middle School, Sam Il Middle School made an onslaught from the beginning, won 87-59, and became the main character in the last place in the semifinals.

On the other hand, in the women’s middle school preliminaries held at Woosul Gymnasium in Haenam, Onyang Girls’ Middle School, which had a good organization, defeated Dongju Girls’ Middle School, 69-45, and Bongui Middle School, led by coach Kim Yang-woo, won a complete victory, 69-54, from Suwon Jeil Middle School.

Jo Yeon-hoo (175cm, G) of Suwon Jeil Middle School played a big role alone with 21 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, but was unable to prevent the team from losing.

Supia Girls’ Middle School, a strong candidate for the championship in the women’s middle division, won a huge victory at the elusive Sunil Girls’ Middle School 81-57 ​​after Lim Yeon-seo (170cm, G) made a big success with a triple-double and 40 points, 12 rebounds and 9 assists, missing one assist.

In the Women’s Middle School Group A match, Cheongsol Middle School defeated Soongui Women’s Middle School 62-37 with the opportunity to appoint former players.

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