Son Heung-min’s best friend’s ‘great support’ → ‘Cheering match alone’ wearing a Brazilian uniform in the holy land of English football

On the 7th, at Wembley Stadium in London, England, the Women’s Finalisima was held between England and Brazil. The Finalisima is a competition between the winners of the European and South American continental championships. England won Euro 2022, and Brazil lifted the Copa America trophy.

In the match, England won 4-2 on penalties after both teams drew both halves. It was another victory after the last 2022 Euro스포츠토토.

However, there was news that caught my attention as much as the match result. Wembley Stadium is the mecca of English football. The finals of all competitions held in England are held at Wembley Stadium.

In the middle of this holy land of English football, there was an English Premier League star who proudly wore a Brazilian uniform and cheered in the stands. It is Tottenham’s Richarlison, who is called Son Heung-min’s best friend.

The photo shows a man standing in a yellow Brazil national team jersey among a crowd of casual-wearing crowds. It’s a richarli song. He was probably wearing the Brazilian national team jersey he wore at the World Cup in Qatar and cheering on his native women’s players.

In particular, Richarlison held a cheering match with a sign saying, “I will go wherever Brazil plays.” He was also seen wearing a Brazilian uniform and waving a flag.

However, it is said that British fans ridiculed Richarlison for such a patriotic act. He showed up in a uniform as if he were the main character of the finals.

English fans compared him to John Terry, who changed into a Chelsea shirt to lift the 2012 Champions League trophy despite not playing in the final. So, the fans said, “Richallisong wore a full kit. He’s like John Terry in disguise.”

Meanwhile, Richarlison is the main player of the Brazilian national team. He made an impressive performance at the last Karat World Cup, scoring 3 goals in 4 matches.

But at Tottenham, it was sluggish. Last summer he joined Tottenham from Everton, but has only scored in the Champions League and has yet to score in the Premier League.

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