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Smart Athlete’s Village Eyes… The opening heat is heightened

The athletes’ village where our Korean athletes will stay at the Hangzhou Asian Games was revealed, and its enormous size and state-of-the-art facilities attracted attention.

With three days left before the official opening, the local area is in a festive mood, and a smart Asian Games festival is literally imminent.

Reporter Kim Ki-beom reported from Hangzhou.


This is the Hangzhou Asian Games Athletes Village where athletes from 45 Asian countries will stay together.

There are not many players coming and going in the sweltering midday heat, but the scale is overwhelming.

In the players’ rest area, you can see a robot dog dancing and even playing the piano.

At the information center, you can easily check information about the sport you are playing with state-of-the-art equipment.

[Kim Hyeong-seok/Korea Sports Council Medical Science Department: “It is a percentage that indicates the congestion level of a restaurant or fitness center. So before the athletes go, they say, ‘It’s crowded today, so I’ll have to go to another fitness center.'”] Now, this is where our athletes are staying

. It’s an accommodation, and as you can see, there are Korean flags hanging everywhere.

The majestic Asian Games stadiums harmonize with the enchanting appearance of Hangzhou’s representative attraction, the Ten Scenic Views of West Lake.스포츠토토

The organizing committee is confident of hosting the smartest Asian Games ever by controlling and managing these stadiums with a computer system called “Smart Brain.”

From sunset, the area around the stadium becomes a festival scene with tourists and local residents enjoying the Asian Games.

[Wang Xin/Hangzhou Citizen: “I am excited and happy. I hope you welcome people from all over and enjoy the changed appearance of Hangzhou.”] A

private rehearsal for the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games was held, and a spectacular laser show was held in the main stadium to liven up the atmosphere. I uploaded it.

This is Kim Ki-beom from KBS News in Hangzhou.

Camera reporter: Seongju Yoo/Video editor: Seunggi Shin

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