‘Short runner-up’ Lee Hae-in, following ‘rising trend’, world championship medal ‘Jeong Joon’ in 10 years

A medal after 10 years, the green light was turned on.

Lee Hae-in (Sehwa Girls’ High School) will challenge for her first medal in 10 years in the women’s single free skating of the 2023 International Skating Union 먹튀검증(ISU) Figure Skating World Championships held at Super Arena in Saitama, Japan on the 24th.

Lee Hae-i received a total of 73.62 points in the women’s single short program held on the 22nd, with a technical score (TES) of 39.51 and a arts score (PCS) of 34.11 points. Starting with Eric Radford’s ‘Storm’, he performed perfectly in three jumps, from the first jump double axel, triple lutz-triple toe loop continuous jump, and triple flip in the second half of the game, showing a high-quality performance.

She came in second out of 35. She simultaneously increased her medal chances, surpassing her 70.08 score received at her last 2020 ISU World Junior Championships to her own short program high. Kaori Sakamoto (Japan) ranked first with 79.24 points, and Mai Mihara (Japan, 73.46 points) ranked third.

Lee Hae-in, who is on the rise, won the first gold medal in 14 years since Kim Yu-na at the Four Continents last month. Her steps and spins are highly complete, and she is fully showing her strengths in this competition as well.

The day of the showdown has arrived. She is aiming for her world championship medal in 10 years. So far, the only Korean player who has won medals in this event is Yuna Kim (2 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze). Her last medal she walked at the time she won the 2013 women’s singles. The best performer since Kim Yu-na was Yu-young (Surigo), who ranked 5th in the women’s singles last year.

At the time of departure, “My stamina has improved since the continental championships. He hung on to practice to get a little more power at the end of the step sequence. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Hae-in, who promised to continue his momentum, said, “I will not be conscious of other players and focus only on my own performance.”

Kim Chae-yeon (Suri High School), who competed together, ranked 12th with 64.06 points, and ‘Figure Skating General’ Kim Ye-rim (Dankook University) ranked 17th with 60.02 points.

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