‘Serious Gambling Addict’ PL Player Reveals His Secret: “If I Show Up, I Win – If I Don’t, I Lose”

“Brendford striker Ivan Toney스포츠토토, who is facing charges of habitual sports betting, has been accused of betting on his team to lose games in which he did not play,” Sky Sports reported on January 26.

Tony was banned from playing for his club or the England national team until Jan. 16 of next year for breaching the FA’s betting rules. He will also be banned from team training until September and fined £50,000.

It was previously reported that Tony had breached the prohibited direct bets a whopping 232 times. He was a regular gambler during his time at Scunthorpe United, Wigan Athletic, Peterborough United, and Brentford.

At Brentford, Tony was a key part of the team’s rise to prominence, scoring 12 goals last season and 20 this season, but he is expected to be out for a long time due to past gambling charges.

As a gambling addict, Tony’s gambling didn’t discriminate between teams. Interestingly, he even bet on his own team to lose.

According to Sky Sports, “Tony bet on his team to lose 13 times in the seven games he didn’t play. Eleven were during his time at Newcastle and two were during his loan spell at Wigan.”

“In all cases, Tony only bet on his team to lose when he was not in the matchday squad, so he is not facing match-fixing charges,” the publication explained.

“Tony is accused of having a gambling addiction. Brendan has pledged to help him with his gambling treatment,” adding that “he will not be able to play until January 2024.”

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