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“Seoul bus driver, caught wearing a union vest”… Rejection of ‘tightening the union’

The Seoul Metropolitan Government recently sent out a guideline that it would detect when city bus drivers wear vests with a specific group on them and reflect them in the operation evaluation of bus companies.

In particular, it was stated that red vests would be targeted for detection, but the KCTU bus union is strongly opposing it, saying it is union oppression.

Reporter Yoon Seong-hoon reports.

Lee Dong-hee, who has been driving city buses in Seoul since 2001.

Every time I get behind the wheel, I must wear a KCTU union member’s vest.

[Lee Dong-hee / City bus driver (Senior Vice-Chief of Bus Union Seoul Branch): Wearing a DTU vest and operating itself is a certain confidence and pride for our union members who operate in the field.] But 20

years It seems that Mr. Lee’s business attire, which has been going on for over a year, may soon face sanctions.

This is because the Seoul Metropolitan Government has recently issued a guideline that if you wear clothes other than the work uniform provided by the bus company, it will be reflected in the evaluation of kindness in the operation status check.

Personally, I can wear a vest if I need it, but I pointed out that a vest marked with a specific group is prohibited.

In particular, it was stated that red is subject to detection.

It’s okay to wear other vests over regular work clothes, but we won’t allow vests of specific groups or colors.

The Korean Confederation of Trade스포츠토토 Unions’ Public Transport Workers’ Union protests, saying that the city of Seoul is actually targeting the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, which is symbolized by the color red.

We suspect that there is an intention to strangle the union using the results of the operation status inspection, which influences the performance pay of the bus company.

[Cha Sang-woo / Director of Planning, Department of Transportation, Democratic Bus Headquarters, Public Transport Workers’ Union: Saying that they will crack down on vests marked with red and a specific group name cannot help but be seen as the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s plan to oppress the KCTU union members.] Experts also believe that the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s

measures It points out that it can be an act that interferes with legitimate union activities guaranteed by the

If wearing a union vest is regulated even though it is not an act that hinders work, it is an unfair labor practice.

[Jeong Seung-gyun / Lawyer: It is unclear whether it will hinder business, so there is an excessive aspect, and the city of Seoul is not a user in the strict sense. Unfair labor practices are also

subject to criminal punishment, but in criminal punishment, cases of aiding or abetting. explained that it was

However, as the opposition from the union intensified, it was decided to postpone the inspection until August in order to allow a period for labor and management to reach an agreement.

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