Seongman Lee “There is no fact that money was delivered”… ‘Money envelope suspicion’ first incumbent member to attend

I have never given money. There is no fact conveyed.”

On the 19th, independent lawmaker Lee Seong-man, who was a suspect in the 2021 Democratic Party convention money envelope suspicion, appeared at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office. This is the first investigation into an active member of parliament after the prosecution launched an investigation into this case.

Rep. Lee appeared at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office in Seocho-gu, Seoul at 8:48 am that day and took out a piece of paper prepared in advance and read it. There were also traces of corrections made with a pen.

Rep. Lee said, “I will make it possible for my innocence to be revealed,” and “I hope that the prosecution’s investigation will not lead to a prearranged scripted answer,” he said. He added, “We will firmly stand against attempts to condemn unconfirmed suspects through public opinion trials by illegally leaking and inflating suspicions.” aimed at At the same time, he said that he would openly handle all matters related to the prosecution’s investigation, such as future schedules.

Rep. Lee denied all charges related to him when asked by reporters. In addition, regarding the transcript of Lee Jung-geun, former vice secretary general of the Democratic Party, which served as a decisive clue to the start of the investigation into this case, he said, “I cannot verify the authenticity,” but “one was played around March 30 and one was played around May 3, but this I think it was done with a lot of intention to bind and edit it as if it were one continuous work.”

Rep. Lee is listed as a suspect along with independent Rep. Kwan-seok Yoon in the search and seizure warrant issued by the prosecution last month. The two lawmakers withdrew from the Democratic Party early this month after the suspicion arose.

Prosecutors suspect that Rep. Lee participated in preparing and delivering money envelopes for candidate Song Young-gil’s election at the 2021 Democratic National Convention. According to the charges attached to the search warrant, Rep. Lee colluded with Kang Rae-goo, a former standing audit committee member of Korea Water Resources Corporation, who is currently under arrest, to receive illegal donations of 10 million won to be delivered to the head of the camp’s regional headquarters, and 9 million won of them. He is accused of being offered to the camp regional directors.

Prosecutors are expected to focus on confirming in detail how the funds were raised and delivered at the time against Rep. Lee. Depending on the circumstances of the investigation, the possibility that the prosecution may request additional attendance cannot be ruled out. Prosecutors are also coordinating the investigation schedule for Rep. Yoon, another suspected member of the incumbent lawmaker.

After investigating the two lawmakers, the prosecution is expected to expand the investigation to lawmakers who received money envelopes. The previous day, an official from the prosecution said, “We believe that a significant part of the truth has been revealed.” Prosecutors suspect that the money was distributed in three groups at the Song Yeong-gil camp at the time: incumbent lawmakers, regional headquarters heads, and regional situation office heads토스카지노.

The prosecution is investigating the possibility of distributing additional funds in addition to the 94 million won in money envelopes known so far. It is a policy to clearly grasp the entire incident as much as possible before the expiration of the arrest period for Kang Rae-gu, a key suspect suspected of playing a leading role in the entire process of distributing money and goods. As Kang’s detention period expires on the 27th, it is expected that he will be handed over to trial in the second half of next week. Prosecutors plan to review the investigation into former CEO Song in detail after investigating those suspected of being involved in or receiving money envelopes in turn.

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