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Same Words, Different Meanings, Korean Golf’s Crisis

“Korean golf is in crisis,” said a close friend of mine who is an experienced golfer. Bobsae professional Yongjun Kim also nodded in agreement. What about readers? Are you thinking the same thing?

My acquaintance glanced at the bird’s thoughts and when the bird agreed, he gained strength and continued his speech. It has been said that the number of Korean female professional golfers winning the LPGA Tour has become rare. The number of Korean players ranked at the top of the women’s golf world rankings has decreased significantly.

At this point, Professional Kim frowned slightly without realizing it. This was because I could not completely agree with my friend’s decision to use whether Korean female professional golfers are doing well as a standard for measuring the current state of Korean golf.

She said that Bapsae is a man and that a Korean male player is doing well on the American Professional Golf Tour (PGA Tour). What kind of crisis do you think this is? This is a thousand words. Baeksae believes that this fact is just one of the criteria for judging the development of Korean golf. The fact that male professional golfers perform well on overseas tours is also not considered an absolute factor in evaluating the development of Korean golf.

So why do you think Korean golf is in crisis? I’m going to tell that story from now on. What happens if your body grows and your thoughts don’t? I can’t say I’m mature. What if your thoughts actually make you cringe? It’s called regression. This is why Baeksae thinks Korean golf is in crisis.

Jinyoung Ko won the Cognizant Founders Cup last May. Ko Jin-young’s two wins on the LPGA Tour this season are the total number of wins by a Korean player so far. Photo = Getty Images

Korean golf has grown rapidly in terms of volume. However, quality did not keep up with quantitative growth. No, honestly, I would like to say that the quality has declined. If the reader nods his/her head, he/she is definitely an orthodox golfer. You may also be a fan of the Babsae column. Hmm.

There are many elements of golf that are not or cannot be recorded on a score card. Even though it is just as important as how many strokes you hit in one round. It’s called the golf spirit. The spirit of golf is not something that some bastard made up. It is a general principle established over hundreds of years by the ancestors of golf who founded, inherited, and developed golf.

It goes without saying that playing according to the rules of golf is the basis of the spirit of golf. Being considerate of other players is also an axis of the golf spirit. It also includes protecting the course. Pace of play, which refers to playing quickly, is also an essential part of the golf spirit. Baeksae believes that Korean golf is going backwards in terms of golf spirit. That’s why I see it as a crisis.

There is no complicated distinction between right and wrong. The countless footprints remaining in the bunker speak volumes. The fact is that Korean golf has completely abandoned the player’s obligation to protect the course.

It’s definitely not the golfer’s fault. This is largely due to the tight tee-off interval. There are very few golfers who have not heard the caddy, whose biggest job is to narrow the gap between teams (actually groups), say, “Leave me alone and come quickly.” Even if you try to tidy up the bunker with sincerity, you end up just giving it a rough try and throwing a rubber rattle at the urging.

You are not a Korean golfer if you have never heard the phrase, “Go across and hit it.” In Korean golf, if the ball falls into the water, you must go over and hit regardless of whether the penalty area peg is red or yellow. What difference does it make depending on the color? there is. If it’s a yellow peg, don’t cross it and hit it again from this side. Even if it is a red peg, the same applies unless the ball completely crosses the water and then rolls backwards. I can’t cross it and have to hit it again.

A golf course that urges golfers has no interest in whether or not golfers follow the rules of golf. Even though the golf course allows you to play from OB tees, which are not in the rules, and only allows you to play by looking at the flashing lights in the fog, the urging of the golf course is endless. After all, there are golf fans who feel sorry for the so-called professional golfer who made a mistake, so what does the penalty area relief rule mean?

The same goes for consideration for others. A professional player who hurled unspeakable curses at others during a game is still active and receives a large amount of money from a large company. What kind of group does the sponsor want to be seen through sports marketing? Is it perhaps a rough and strong image?

I already talked about a golf course that was like a sham amusement park and made the holes bigger than the rules a few times ago. What kind of golf is that? It is frustrating to hear reports that there are golf courses or even amusement parks that are still using large holes. Such an amusement park manager has no such thing as a golf spirit. Are they even thinking about running a campaign to make 108mm rulers and hand them out to readers? 108mm is the hole size set by golf rules. Anything smaller or larger than this is not a golf course.

Korean golf courses have benefited the most from the rapid growth of Korean golf. However, there is little that is given back to Korean golf. It is not easy to find a stadium for juniors, the future of Korean golf, to hold competitions. Student athletes who must also study at the same time are having a hard time competing far away from home. They are extremely stingy when it comes to discounting green fees for junior matches.스포츠토토

Korean golf is in crisis. It would be great if quality grew in line with the rapid growth of golf media, a golf course and golf equipment company. Among them, the only thing the reader, a golfer, can do is play according to the spirit of golf. He continues to remind other participants in the golf world, such as the golf course, to prepare to play according to the spirit of golf.

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