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‘Runner-up splendid achievement’ Gimcheon Managing Director U18 Coach Tae-min Park, “It’s unfortunate, but I’m growing one step further through performance”

“The team has grown a step through the runner-up. We will develop further in the future.”

Gimcheon Sangmu professional soccer team U18 (Gyeongbuk Beauty Arts High School) faced Yeongdeungpo Technical High School in the final of the ’24th Baegungi High School Football Championship’ held at Gwangyang Public Stadium on the 27th. They lost 0-2, conceding one goal each in the first half.메이저놀이터

Gimcheon coach Park Tae-min said, “It could be greed, but it’s really disappointing. It seems that the players and the team have grown a step through this tournament. I had a good experience. It would have been nice if it finished with a championship, but it’s a pity, but I want to applaud the players for their hard work.” told

In the 24th Baegungi High School Football Tournament, in which a total of 39 high school teams competed, Sangmu Kim defeated Taeyang Taeyang FC U18 in Daejeon, Yongmun High School in Seoul, and Jucheon High School in Gangwon in order in the preliminaries to advance to the round of 16 as the first place in Group C. FC Anyang U18 (Anyang Technical High School) in the round of 16, Jeju Seogwipo Soccer Center U18 in the quarterfinals, and Ulsan Hyundai U18 (Ulsan Hyundai High School) in the semifinals to reach the final. Although they suffered a loss in the final, Sangmu Kim Cheon U18 scored the least goals with 12 points and 1 conceded in six games including three group matches and semi-finals.

The problem of ‘defensive organization’, which was regrettable last year, was also cleaned up. Manager Park said, “There has been no major change in the tactical aspect. It is thanks to the players who have developed a lot personally. They have held up well in defense. Captain Shim Yeon-won, Sim Young-woo, Kim Jeong-hoon, and Lim Jun-young have personally improved a lot.” said.

It was a tournament in which only 2nd and 3rd graders participated except for 1st graders, but Kimcheon played 7 games with 16 players. Kim Cheon’s squad was thin, with 11 starters and 5 substitutes, but Park didn’t care.

Coach Park said, “There are a total of 17 players, 10 sophomores and 7 juniors. One was injured, so 16 players competed. Although they are small in number, they are always humble, and they praise all parts, such as their attitude and process. I want to do it. Because the team prepared as one, I was able to bring about the result of runner-up.”

Meanwhile, on March 4, at Kaesong High School, Kim Cheon will play the opening match of the ‘2023 K-League Junior U18 Group B’ against Busan I’Park U18 (Kaesong High School). Coach Park said, “I finished in 11th in the second half of last year. My goal is to be in the top split in the first half of this year.”

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