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Runaway Locomotive’ Kim Joo-hyung, ‘special treatment’ at the Masters

“The first time I saw golf on TV was the 2005 Masters Tournament where Tiger Woods (USA) won the championship. But I participated in the Masters, saw Woods’ shot and shared his know-how. My dream came true. “

‘Little Locomotive’ Kim Joo-hyung, who stood tall as the most notable player in the world golf world at the age of 20, continued to answer with bright eyes without hesitation in front of reporters from all over the world.

Official press conference at Augusta National Golf Club, where the Masters will be held on the 5th (Korean time). Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland)스포츠토토 came in first, followed by Jon Rahm (Spain). Next was Joohyung Kim. What’s even more surprising is that right after Kim Joo-hyung’s interview, ‘golf emperor’ Woods entered. It is unusual for a 20-year-old player who participated in this tournament for the first time to be organized during the main interview.

Even in the atmosphere of the interview, I could see his interest in Kim Joo-hyung at a glance. Reporters from all over the world raised their hands and asked questions without Korean reporters even having time to ask questions, and the interview was only completed after a full 30 minutes. Various questions poured in, such as the origin of his nickname, his impressions of participating, how he felt with Woods, and why he did not look like he was 20 years old.

Kim Joo-hyung was the first to receive attention on the 4th, doing a practice round with Woods, McIlroy, and Fred Couples (USA). On this day, Kim Joo-hyung explained, “During the Presidents Cup, Couples, the vice-captain of the US team, came to me at the time and suggested that we do a practice round together at the Masters, and we kept that promise.” During the practice round, fans also welcomed Kim Joo-hyung, who recorded the youngest two wins on the PGA Tour. He could be pushed out of the spotlight if he did a practice round with Woods and McIlroy, but the vibe was different. “During our practice rounds, I was amazed at the crowd surrounding our group. Almost every tee I got a standing ovation,” said Joohyung Kim.

Kim Joo-hyung watched Woods’ course strategy and technique, and he did his best to hit the shot as in real life. It is thanks to his meticulous preparation that he was able to concentrate without hesitation on Augusta’s perfect course. He had already visited this place a month ago and walked the course for three days to grasp the slope of the green and the condition of the fairway, so he was not excited. Kim Joo-hyung said, “It was really important to see Woods and McIlroy attack the course, especially to see where Woods was chipping on the 16th hole. I got everything. And now I can focus on my game.” said. He continued, “This was my first round with Woods.”

On this day, Kim Joo-hyung completed a 9-hole round and then walked around 9 holes again to check every corner of the course. Joohyung Kim”

The highlight of the anticipation and interest in Kim Joo-hyung is the ‘group formation’. In the 1st and 2nd round groupings announced by the Organizing Committee on this day, Kim Joo-hyung will start the 1st round with McIlroy and Sam Burns at 2:48 am on the 7th. It is truly the ‘best combination’. McIlroy is the world’s No. 2 player and a true male golfer. In particular, if you win the Masters Tournament this time, you will achieve the ‘Career Grand Slam’. Burns, who will have a shot match together, is a player with the hottest shot sense recently. He even won the championship by playing a perfect game, including defeating world No. 1 Scotty Scheffler in the previous Dell Technologies match play. Following two wins in 2021 and two wins last year on the PGA Tour, this year, he has risen to the position of’Match Playing King’ ahead of the Masters. Burns, in particular, is considered one of the favorites to conquer the tricky Augusta Green, showing off a heightened ‘putting sense’.

Kim Joo-hyung transformed from ‘Little Locomotive’ to ‘Runaway Locomotive’ aiming for a green jacket. The organizers of the Masters Tournament are also expressing expectations, saying, “Considering the steady rise, it is a strong candidate to win the debut match since Fuzzy Zeller (USA) in 1979.” Kim Joo-hyung is aiming for ‘the youngest ever champion’ in this tournament.

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