“Ronaldo called me to my room and went to bed”… Married woman influencer claims ‘Balkak’

Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Al-Nasr), who plays in the Saudi Arabia League, was caught up in rumors that he had sex with a married influencer.토토사이트

According to British daily The Sun on the 2nd (local time), Venezuelan influencer Georgilaya is claiming that Ronaldo had an affair with her.

“On March 25 last year, after posing for pictures with Ronaldo and his teammates, Ronaldo texted me and invited me to his hotel room,” said the married woman, Georgilaya.

At the time, Georgilaya claims, the incident occurred when Ronaldo was staying at a hotel in the north with his Portuguese teammates for the World Cup in Qatar.

“When I read the message, I thought we would just talk and get to know each other better and get more pictures,” Georgilaya said. “he explained.

“While I agreed, I felt gaslighted by Ronaldo’s fame and power,” he added. At the same time, he confessed, “I went to the brink of divorce because of the guilt of cheating on Ronaldo and his husband. It was painful.”

Ronaldo’s spokesman strongly refuted, saying, “This is completely false and defamatory.”

Then Georgilaya changed his words, “Ronaldo came to my room on the third floor. I did not go to his room.” At the same time, he added, “I’m not crazy, I’m not fame-hungry. I already have a lot of followers.”

Meanwhile, Georgilaya is an influencer with more than 188,000 followers. He also shared photos of himself with Ronaldo on Instagram, as well as watching the match.

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