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Road FC ‘Yakuza’ VS ‘K-1 Legend’ Jerome Le Banner 2nd match? Kim Jae-hoon, who started the Japanese martial arts boom

On the 14th, Road FC Chairman Jeong Moon-hong posted a video about the match between ‘Yakuza’ Kim Jae-hoon (34) and ‘K-1 Legend’ Jerome Le Banner (51, FREE) through his personal YouTube channel ‘Gao-hyung Life’. was revealed.

In the YouTube content ‘Breaking Down’ match hosted by Road FC former member Asakura Mikuru, Kim Jae-hoon faced ‘K-1 Legend’ Jerome Le Banner on the 26th. Jaehoon Kim lost, but wants a second match.

“It was the most painful of anyone I’ve ever been hit with. Jaehoon Kim expressed his thoughts, saying, “I feel like my legs have completely lost their strength,” and “I want to do it again (with Jérôme Le Banner).”온라인카지노

Kim Jae-hoon is currently gaining great popularity in Japan by providing exciting matches. Many Japanese martial arts fans are looking forward to Kim Jae-hoon’s next performance.

“I received so many DMs saying, ‘Thank you for coming to Japan.’ This time I went to the Korea-Japan alliance. Even though he is Korean, he was given the captaincy. Even when he entered at the end, the Japanese teams all cheered him on. It was a complete Korea-Japan alliance,” said Kim Jae-hoon.

Meanwhile, Road FC will hold Goobne ROAD FC 066 at Wonju Chiak Gymnasium on October 29 from 2 p.m. The live TV broadcast will be broadcast on SPOTV, and online broadcast will be broadcast on Daum Sports, Kakao TV, and Afreeca TV.

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