‘Retired’ Ozil picks Mourinho as the best coach… “The locker room talk is amazing”

Mesut Ozil picked Jose Mourinho as the best coach he worked with. His greatest rival was Lionel Messi.

Ozil left the ground. Ozil announced his retirement through personal social media (SNS) on the 23rd (Korean time). 

Injury was the reason he announced his retirement at a relatively young age of 34. Frequent injuries were the reason. Ozil said in an exclusive interview with ‘Marca’, “After a lot of thought, I was convinced that it was the right decision. I haven’t suffered many injuries in my career. But the last few months have been different. It was very painful and difficult카지노. I couldn’t help the team anymore. Bar I shared my thoughts with Shaksehir and they quickly found a solution.” 

Ozil had a particularly close relationship with Mourinho. He wore the Real Madrid jersey because of Mourinho’s love call. In his first season after joining Real Madrid, he scored 17 league assists and won the European assists crown. 

“Everyone knows the locker room episode with Mourinho and me. We still have a great relationship. He always knew who made me the best player. An incredible manager and it was an honor to play with him,” Ozil said.

He also picked Mourinho as the best manager. Özil praised Mourinho: “For me, Mourinho is the best manager of the century. His tactical understanding and his speaking in the locker room are amazing. He knows how to protect his team from the media. He is truly a world-class manager.” 

The best teammates were, of course, the teammates from Real Madrid. Ozil said: “Cristiano Ronaldo was the best player I’ve ever had personally. The best leader was Ramos. The best striker was my friend (Karim) Benzema.” 

The best player I’ve ever played against was, without a doubt, Messi. Ozil didn’t bother explaining, saying “everyone will know why.” 

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