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Reconfirming Samsung Sports Fans’ Will to Protest. Basketball fans join in.

On the 15th, this magazine exclusively reported that Samsung sports fans of two sports, baseball and soccer, were preparing to gather in one place.

But two days later, another message was delivered. This is because they have expressed their desire to participate in joint demonstrations in other events, saying that the general sluggishness of the Samsung Sports Team cannot be overlooked. In particular, fans of the professional basketball Seoul Samsung Thunders were the most active. The Samsung Thunders fan cafe also conveyed to the magazine, “I heard the news of the joint demonstration between baseball and soccer. We want to participate in basketball as well,” and made it clear that the representatives of the three sports fan cafes would meet soon.

They announced that they would plan a joint demonstration of all sports teams operated by Samsung, with fans of Samsung Bluefangs, a professional volleyball team in Daejeon, also joining.

Representatives of fans from each of these events have delivered, “The venue and schedule have not been confirmed in detail yet. However, all of us cannot just ignore the sluggish performance of the Samsung Sports Team, so there is no change in the basic policy of holding a united demonstration.” .

Currently, professional basketball and professional volleyball are off-season, so it is difficult for fans to gather, but the results of the 2022-23 season, which ended earlier this year, were disastrous. Seoul Samsung ranked at the bottom with 14 wins and 40 losses, and Daejeon Samsung Blue Fangs also stayed at the bottom with 11 wins and 25 losses. In particular, the status of the Samsung sports team has declined considerably to the extent that there is a joke that if you lose to Samsung, other teams will receive a fatal blow.

Baseball also fell further in the rankings after the exclusive report of this magazine came out. With 25 wins and 36 losses, the win-loss margin has dropped further to -11, and the ranking is also ranked 9th, only half a game ahead of the lowest Hanwha. Football Suwon Samsung also메이저사이트 has 2 wins, 3 draws and 13 losses, and it is difficult to get out of the bottom, so relegation in the K2 League is becoming a reality.

In particular, the fans who supported the Samsung sports team miss the days of the past ‘Samsung Dynasty’ and have a strong desire to show the image of that time again. Baseball and soccer fans, who have already carried out truck son-in-law several times, said, “No matter how much protests, the club will not change. I do,” he said in a self-deprecating voice.

In domestic sports, including the major leagues, there are now many cases where owners do ‘fan service’. SSG’s chairman Jung Yong-jin and Lotte’s chairman Shin Dong-bin have already attracted attention as they appeared on the ground several times. Samsung fans have conveyed the meaning again and again, “Even if it is not a friendly feeling to call Chairman Lee Jae-yong ‘Jae-yong-hyung’, I hope that he will pay attention to the sports team at least half of the days of the late Chairman Lee Kun-hee.”

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