Professional basketball DB recruits Davis as a substitute foreign player

Wonju DB, dreaming of the last train of the professional basketball semifinal playoffs (PO), replaced a foreign player.

DB announced on the 28th that it will “replace foreign player Malcolm Thomas with Dijon Davis.”

Davis played 15 games for German professional basketball Heidelberg right before joining DB, playing an average of 20 minutes, recording 9.1 points and 3.7 rebounds.

Davis, who graduated from California Baptist University, a member of the National Collegiate Sports Association (NCAA), has experienced various European leagues such as Turkey, Greece, and Germany.

DB said, “We are looking forward to strengthening the outside scoring ability and synergistic effect with domestic players by recruiting Davis, who has the advantage of outside shooting.”

Davis joined the team on the 27th and will compete as a substitute foreign player for Davis’ season as soon as the KBL registration process is completed.메이저놀이터

DB, who decided to replace Dewan Hernandez, who had been with them since the start of the season, recruited Thomas in February. However, Thomas fell short of expectations, averaging 3.5 points and 4.2 rebounds in six games.

DB is in 8th place with 16 wins and 26 losses. With a 2.5 game gap from Jeonju KCC (19-24), which placed 6th, the marginal line for advancing into the PO, there is still hope for PO in the round of 6.

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