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Police launch investigation into the president of the Korea Game Society, who claimed to be ‘WeMade coin lobby’

On May 17, the president of the society Jeong-hyeon Wi and the Korean Game Society filed a criminal complaint…the case was assigned to the Dongjak Police Station
On the 17th, WeMade launched an investigation into the case in which it filed a complaint against Wi Jeong-hyeon, president of the Korea Game Society, for defamation by timely false information.

According to the industry on the 19th먹튀검증, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency assigned the case to the Seoul Dongjak Police Station.

In a statement on the 10th, Chairman Wi Jeong-hyeon raised suspicions that P2E companies, associations, and organizations lobbied the National Assembly, and directly mentioned Wemix, claiming that a Wemix interest community had been formed.

Wemade and Wemix logos.

In response, WeMade refuted the suspicion through a statement on the 11th, the next day, saying that the suspicion was groundless, and on the 17th, it filed a criminal complaint against the president of the society, Jeong-hyeon Wi, and the Korea Game Society.

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