‘Pep’s Man, Kim Min-jae!’

 Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, who is rising and falling as the protagonist of the English Premier League come-from-behind victory this season, took a poke at a man. It is Kim Min-jae, the ‘iron pillar’ of Naples.

According to a report by England’s The Sun, Man City jumped into the race to sign ‘Monster’ Kim Min-jae. Minjae Kim said he had a release clause. The transfer fee for Kim Min-jae is 40 million pounds, or about 67 billion won.

Currently, the EPL clubs스포츠토토 interested in signing Kim Min-jae are Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham. This is where Manchester City declared their participation in the war. All four clubs are attractive, but if you dream of winning the EPL, the highest peak in the European league, Man City is the most powerful team.

In addition, it is known that Man City wants Kim Min-jae, not the club, but the manager pointed out. According to a report by The Sun, manager Pep Guardiola coveted Turkey’s Fenerbahce’s Min-jae Kim last summer. It is reported by The Sun that he is a fan of Kim Min-jae. At that time, the transfer fee was only 15 million pounds, so it was possible to recruit Kim Min-jae at a bargain price, but he missed Naples.

However, within a year, Kim Min-jae has grown beyond Italy’s Serie A to become a defender desired by big European clubs. Napoli also wants to keep Kim Min-jae, but it is highly likely that a big club will let him go because they want to sign him with a bundle of money. It is expected that Napoli will let Kim Min-jae go because he can receive a transfer fee of about 3 times in one year.

This season, Man City has Dias, Stones, Ake, Akanji and Laporte as defenders. Among them, the media reported that Guardiola will allow Laporte to leave the team. In other words, he wants to put Kim Min-jae in Laporte’s seat.

Of course, Guardiola is also said to be coveting Joshko Gbardiol from RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga, whose transfer fee is £97m. Chelsea coveted him last season.

Meanwhile, Man City, which wants Kim Min-jae, is challenging its third consecutive Premier League title this season. He is also dreaming of a treble. In the EPL, with a record of 22 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses (70 points), they are chasing Arsenal to the bottom of the chin. The analysis of the media is that a come-from-behind victory is possible.

Man City is recording the most points in the league (78 points) with monster striker Elling Holland at the fore. In terms of conceding points, it is running second after Newcastle (25 points), which is third in the league. This is the reason Kim Min-jae is coveted next season.

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