‘Pepper followed by Heungkuk Island?’ Women’s volleyball, will the era of two foreign coaches open?

Will the era of full-fledged foreign coaches open for women’s professional volleyball?

As Pepper Savings Bank,토토사이트 the youngest team in the women’s division, has entrusted coach Aachen Kim, who is from the United States, with the new season’s helm, a confrontation with domestic leaders is already gathering expectations.

According to Pepper Savings Bank, new coach Aachen Kim will officially take on the role of coach from the 23-24 season, and plans to join the team in early March.

Coach Aachen Kim has been coaching the Brown University volleyball team in the Ivy League, which belongs to Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the United States, since 2018. The NCAA manages collegiate sports in the United States, and more than 1,000 colleges are affiliated with it, and it is called the gateway to professional athletes.

He achieved the feat of advancing to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in Brown University history by raising the team to No. 1 in the Ivy League in 2021, three years after he took office, through recruiting prospects, nurturing players individually, and executing detailed tactics.

Coach Aachen Kim won 13 wins and 1 loss in 2021 and was selected as the ‘Ivy League Manager of the Year’, and five players who received his guidance won the ‘Best Defender Award’ and ‘Best Rookie Award’ that year. While he was leading the team, for the first time in the history of the Ivy League, five Brown University players were selected as the ‘Ivy League First Team’ at the same time.

It is not the first time that a foreign command tower has taken the helm of the V-League women’s team. In the 2010-11 season, after Japanese coach Mamoru Bandaira took the helm of Heungkuk Life Insurance, a foreign coach leading the women’s team appeared in the V-League for the first time in 13 years.

In addition, Heungkuk Life Insurance, which is being operated as an acting system after the dismissal of coach Kwon Soon-chan earlier this year, is also said to be considering coach Marcello Abondanza from Italy, who had a priestly relationship with Kim Yeon-kyung at Turkiye Fenerbahce in the past.

It is predicted that Heungkuk Life Insurance, which had constant noise in the process of replacing manager Kwon Soon-chan, is highly likely to appoint a foreign commander rather than a domestic leader.

If Heungkuk Life Insurance also appoints a foreign coach, in the women’s division, two foreign commanders will lead the team in one season for the first time in the V-League.

In the case of the men’s division, Korean Air opened the era of the first foreign coach by bringing in Roberto Santili (Italy) in the 2020-21 season. Other than Korean Air, there is no male team that has brought a foreign commander.

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