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“Pay more or cancel”… 20,000 won room turned into 120,000 won for ‘Psy Drench Show’

Ahead of singer Psy’s performance in Iksan in August, it is 스포츠토토controversial that local lodging establishments raise the rates on the day of the performance three times more than usual.According to News 1 on the 22nd, room rates at accommodations in Iksan, North Jeolla Province, range from 20,000 

to 60,000 won on weekdays. However, on the day of Psy’s performance , the price rose two to three times to 120,000 

to 180,000 won.Recently, an office worker in his 20s living in Jeonju booked an accommodation for 65,000 won to see Psy’s performance. Afterwards, the owner of the performance, noticing the news of the performance belatedly, demanded, “Please pay an additional fee or cancel the reservation”, and the controversy ignited.Regarding this, people inside and outside Iksan City point out that “Recently, the price of food at a local festival is exorbitantly high, and the controversy is hot.Kim Yong-man, head of the Iksan branch of the Jeonbuk branch of the Korean Accommodation Federation, told News 1, “It’s a large-scale event held for the first time in several years, so the owners seem to think it’s a big deal.” scheduled,” he said.On the other hand, there are accommodation owners who complain of injustice.According to the Public Health Management Act, accommodation rates are set autonomously by business operators. It is a structure in which local governments cannot forcibly limit rates.However, the business owner must post the accommodation fee list and must comply with it. If you charge more than the posted price, you may be subject to administrative measures, such as suspension of business or an order to suspend use of some facilities, or closure of the business.An official from Iksan City said, “We plan to hold various events to attract tourists, but if the lodging industry does not cooperate, it will inevitably have a negative impact on the image of the region.” said.

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