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“Participating in the next tournament”…Captain Trout, who was heartbroken even after winning the runner-up, became an admirer of the WBC

Even a superstar worth 430 million dollars (approximately 561.5 billion won) had thrilling moments. Superstar Mike Trout (32, Los Angeles Angels), who felt the joy of national competition, will invite other American superstars to the World Baseball Classic (WBC) three years later.

The U.S. national team led by Trout lost 2-3 to Japan in the final match of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) held at Londippo Park in Miami, Florida, on the 22nd (Korean time). Following the 2017 tournament, the U.S., which was aiming for two consecutive championships, knelt down in front of Japan’s powerful military power, led by Ohtani Shohei (29· Angels).

Trout had a two-hit game with Angels teammate Ohtani in the top of the ninth inning after the last two shots and the last batter, but struck out on a swing. He became a scapegoat in the ending of Ohtani’s manga baseball, and was destined to be ‘stuffed’ forever as a batter who struck out in a scene that would mention WBC history in the future.

Although he stayed in the runner-up, Trout tasted the joy that he could not feel in his team while playing in the WBC. Trout, who was a ‘dry’ player for the Angels, encouraged the players to play with the biggest gesture as he captained the US team in this tournament. In this tournament, he performed well with a batting average of 2.9 6 Lee (8 hits in 27 at-bats), 1 home run, 7 RBIs and 4 runs OPS of .962.

Trout tweeted after the final, “It’s hard to sum up in words what the last few weeks have meant to me. I had the time to represent the country with the ‘USA’ mark on my chest. The energy was thrilling. The WBC will be a time I will always cherish. I am grateful to all of you, and it was an honor to be your captain.” He emphasized that it was an exciting time.

In addition, in an interview with broadcaster FOX Sports ahead of the final, Trout said, “I already said I would participate in the next tournament. Whether I play as a designated hitter or left fielder, I will do whatever the national team wants, and I will participate again,” he said. “I always talk about how proud I am of the mark on my chest. Hearing the chants of ‘USA’ from the fans in episode 9 is especially special.

As Trout took part as the captain while building the US team for the WBC, many superstars did not turn down the request to join the team. Mookie Betts (LA Dodgers), Nolan Arenado, Paul Goldschmidt (St. Louis), Trey Turner, JT Realmuto (Philadelphia스포츠토토), Pete Alonso, Jeff McNeil (New York Mets), etc. The ‘dream lineup’ has been completed.

However, the perfect ‘dream national team’ was not formed from the point of view of the United States. This is because most top-class pitchers boasting astronomical ransom declared their absence. Clayton Kershaw was included in the national team, but right before the tournament, the insurance company took issue with Kershaw’s frequent injuries and refused to purchase insurance for the WBC. Kershaw was also motivated to join the national team, but factors outside of Kershaw prevented him from participating.

Top pitchers such as Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer (New York Mets), Gerrit Cole (New York Yankees), Max Fried (Atlanta), and Dylan Seaz (White Sox) did not participate in the US national team even though there were no special reasons such as injuries. Adam Wainwright (St. Louis), Lance Lynn (Chicago White Sox), and Merrill Kelly (Arizona) were the main starting pitchers, but their name value was lower than that of hitters.

Fans are also sending arrows of criticism for being selfish to the top pitchers at the runner-up of the United States, which was once again aiming for a championship. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred also urged participation in the WBC once again, saying, “I hope that the next WBC tournament will feature top-notch pitchers.”

Currently, the best star in the major leagues has raised the value of the national team by showing off their patriotism. Will Trout, who is a regular MVP candidate and a superstar representing the major leagues, act as a catalyst for more major league stars to participate in the next tournament? 

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