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“Park Soo-hong, crazy about women”…taxman reveals brother’s message

On the 7th, the Seoul Western District Court 메이저놀이터Criminal Division 11 (Chief Judge Bae Sung-joong) held the 6th hearing for Mr. and Mrs. Park’s alleged violation of the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Certain Economic Crimes (Embezzlement).

Park’s former manager, A, and tax accountants, B and C, appeared as witnesses at the hearing. It is reported that Mr. B and Mr. C had worked as bookkeepers for Mr. Park’s one-man agencies ‘Rael’ and ‘Mediaboom’ for 10 years.

Mr. B said, “In early 2020, Mr. Park called me and said, ‘Park Soo-hong is crazy about his girlfriend. You must never show him the accounting data,'” Mr. B said.

“I had only met Mr. Park and he was a very good person, so I didn’t suspect anything. I thought, ‘Is he really crazy? We had three meetings after that, but there were many things that didn’t match what Mr. Park said, which was strange.”

Mr. C, also from the same tax firm, submitted a text message from Mr. Park as evidence, saying, “Mr. Park did not allow Mr. Soo-hong to look at the books and asked him not to mention what he knew.”

The message reads, “Please don’t tell Soo-hong about me and my spouse’s details because she doesn’t know. Please don’t tell her that you have been contacting me,” the message reads.

The couple claimed they had sent Park roughly seven times in the past asking him to account for the unaccounted-for funds, but never received a response.

Park and her husband are on trial for allegedly embezzling 6.2 billion won ($6.2 million) in appearance fees from Park Soo-hong while running Rael and Media Boom from 2011 to 2021.

Prosecutors believe Park stole 1.17 billion won from 2011 to 2021 for real estate purchases, 90 million won through unauthorized use of other funds, 90 million won through the use of credit cards at the agency, 2.9 billion won through unauthorized withdrawals from the complainant’s personal account, and 1.9 billion won through a payroll transfer scheme using false employee registration.

Mr. Park has admitted to some of the prosecution’s charges, but has denied embezzlement charges, including using a corporate card and paying false employee salaries.

The next hearing for the Parks will be held on Aug. 9.

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