‘Park golf’ population has increased, but equipment is too expensive 70% Japanese

Although the number of seniors enjoying park golf has increased significantly, insufficient infrastructure and high equipment prices are becoming obstacles to expanding the base of park golf. In particular, it is pointed out that in the case of park golf clubs, which are mostly made in Japan, the price is as high as 2 million, which reduces the accessibility of seniors.

According to the membership registration status of the Korea Park Golf Association on the 15th, the number of park golfers increased from 16,728 in 2017 to 26,462 in 2018, 37,630 in 2019, 45,478 in 2020, and 64,001 last year. . This is an increase of about 282% in four years.

On the other hand, there are not enough park golf courses to accommodate the increased population. Park golf courses are steadily expanding from 137 in 2017 to 308 last year, but considering the park golf population growth rate, it reaches half of the level. 메이저사이트

In addition, the high equipment price is also a factor that reduces the accessibility of seniors. Park golf clubs are largely divided into heads and shafts. Unlike the heads of general golf clubs made of metal, three materials are used in park golf clubs. The main material that occupies 80% of the head is wood, the face is carbon, and the bottom sole is made of metal.

The higher the quality of raw materials used for the head and shaft, the more expensive it is. Japanese-made park golf clubs are priced high enough to exceed the price of general golf clubs. In Korea, Japanese products are highly dependent on imports, accounting for 70% of the market.

On Price Golf, a price comparison site for golf equipment, the used price of ‘Honma H-04’, a park golf club for beginners and beginners, is traded at a minimum of 600,000 won and a maximum of 710,000 won. The used price of ‘Mizuno MS-02’, which is mainly used for beginners, ranges from 450,000 won to 600,000 won. The new Honma S-01, a park golf club for seniors released by Honma, is reportedly priced at up to 2 million won.

This is not low compared to the price of a regular golf club. The second-hand price range of the Xexio ‘XXIO 11’, which ranked first in popular used drivers in Price Golf, is set between a minimum of 427,000 won and a maximum of 636,000 won. In simple comparison, the price of a park golf club is similar to or slightly lower.

For those who have just started playing park golf, the cost of equipment comes as a considerable burden. Even so, seniors who put safety first are relying on expensive imported products. The better the head and shaft of the park golf club, the better the repulsive force and sound at impact, and the less vibration that comes to the wrist and elbow.

Lee Jeong-yong (63), who started park golf three months ago, said, “Park golf is a hard ball, so if the shock absorption is not good, elbows or wrists can get hurt.” I bought a good one because I thought I didn’t need to prepare it and I just needed to get one.

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