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‘Otani Rivals’ ML entry imminent? “Sooner or later, the destination will be decided” I’m sure

Is Shintaro Fujinami’s contract imminent, who is aiming to advance to the major leagues through the posting system? Fujinami was confident of advancing to the big leagues.

Fujinami entered the professional stage after being nominated by the Hanshin Tigers in the 2012 rookie draft. Fujinami, who was called “Shōhei Otani (LA Angels) rival” in high school, recorded 10-6 with an ERA of 2.75 in 24 games in his first year of debut, and played an active role worthy of his reputation.

The winning streak continued. The following year, Fujinami earned 11 wins (8 losses, 3.53 ERA) in 25 games, and in 2015, he pitched in 28 games (7 complete games, 4 shutouts) and played an active role with 14 wins, 7 losses, and an ERA of 2.40, and was ranked as the Central League’Pitcher 3. He vomited the spirit of rising to the crown. However, Fujinami suddenly started to fall.

Fujinami has won 35 wins in the three years since joining Hanshin, but has never won 10 wins since the 2015 season. In his last seven seasons, he has won just 22 victories. However, his pitching started to improve again in August of this year, and after the season, he announced that he would advance to the major leagues.

He hasn’t been outstanding lately, but Fujinami seems confident that he’ll make it to the major leagues. According to Japan’s ‘Daily Sports’, Fujinami visited the stadium to watch a basketball game held in Kyoto, Japan on the 17th (Korean time). And on the spot, he opened the door by saying, “Next year, I will probably challenge the US major league.” 스포츠토토

Continuing, Fujinami said, “Because of the time difference, I think we will play in the morning in Japan. I hope you cheer for me by saying ‘Fujinami is throwing'” and “It will take a little longer, but the destination will be decided sooner or later. same,” he said.

Fujinami is currently receiving interest from multiple clubs, including the Boston Red Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks and San Francisco Giants. Fujinami replied, “I think so” to the question, “Do you have any reaction to join a certain major league club?”

Considering Fujinami’s reaction, it seems that a break into the major leagues is only a matter of time. Fujinami emphasized, “I’m definitely building my body,” and “Major League spring camp starts in mid-February, so I’ll make sure I can throw it.” What kind of uniform will Fujinami wea