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Online Casino No Deposit Bonus List 2022

Suddenly, do you know about the no deposit bonus ? A
no deposit bonus is “bonus money” that anyone can get just by registering at an online casino .
Simply put, it is “fictitious money” that can only be used in casino games on that site.

How much does it cost to play at an online casino?
After all, you want to play at an online casino that suits you.
For such players, the online casino side also wants players to try it without risk.

First of all, you can feel free to try each online casino and play a little, and choose the casino that suits you and the casino that has good response.
If you are lucky, you can earn more money than your pocket money just by registering and playing casino games!
Casino News also introduces exclusive bonuses that are better than other sites that you can only get here.
If you are interested in the no deposit bonus, please refer to the following contents!

Types of no deposit bonuses

There are basically two types of no deposit bonuses:

 ① Bonus money (free chips that can be used at the casino)
 ② Slot free spins

Bonus money is money that is automatically given in the casino, and you can play your favorite games as it is.
Depending on the case, there may be a game designation, or on the contrary, a prohibited game may be established, so please be careful.
Free spins on a slot mean that you can play that slot XX times with the model specified, for example “Moon Princess” or “Wolf Gold”.

Depending on the online casino site, it may be called differently, such as withdrawal conditions, withdrawal rate, WR (Wager Request), etc., but it refers to the conditions for converting the bonus money you receive into cash.

If you wager $30 bonus money and receive a multiplier of 20x,

$30 x 20 = $600 worth of playing achievements required.

So, for example, if you play a slot game with a $1 BET, you will win $5 and lose $1, and when the total amount played reaches $600, the remaining amount will be “cash”. Become.
This is commonly called “cash” or “conversion” .

Game bonus money count percentage
Game Bonus Money Count Percentage Vera&John
When playing with bonus money, the most important thing to keep in mind is this “count ratio” and “digestion rate”.

Example: If you place a bet of $100 at a live casino with a count rate of 15%

  Only 100 x 15 = $15 will count toward your wagering requirements.

Basically, most online casino sites set the count percentage of “SLOT” at 100%, so when you cash out your bonus money, we recommend playing with SLOT!

Precautions when cashing out
Each online casino site is slightly different, but basically the following two are required.

Submission of KYC (identity verification documents)
・Record of depositing using the same method as the desired withdrawal method in order to confirm the account information of the withdrawal destination ・
Identity verification documents required by the online casino

What is the cash maximization limit?
It is also known as the “withdrawal limit”, which is the maximum amount that can be used to “cash” the received bonus money.

Example: Even if you have $1,000 in bonus money when you cash out bonus money with a maximum redemption limit of $500, the maximum amount you can actually receive as cash is $500.

What is the BET limit?
You may often hear the word bet limit, but this is the maximum amount of bonus money that can be bet depending on the type of casino game.

Example: 10x wagering requirement with a $30 bonus

Please note that if the maximum bet on a SLOT is $5, betting more than $5 on the slot will not be counted towards the wagering requirement.
(Please note that if you bet without following the precautions, the bonus may be forfeited.)

There are places where the system is set so that no more bets can be made, but basically there is no bet, so be careful not to make a mistake!

No Deposit Bonus Online Casino List
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