One Club Man’ Ko Yo-Ryun-Kwang-Min Ko Renewed…Hyeon-Soo Hwang-Seong-Min Hwang also ‘Extended’

FC Seoul signed a new contract with ‘one club man’ Ko Yo-yeon and Go Kwang-min. Hwang Hyun-soo and Hwang Seong-min also extended their contracts. 안전놀이터

On the 24th, Seoul announced on its official channel, “FC Seoul has signed new contracts with Ko Yo-won, Go Kwang-min, Hwang Seong-min, and Hwang Hyeon-soo. The four players, who are preparing hard for the new season in Thailand, promise to show a great performance that meets the fans’ expectations. He announced that he had signed new contracts with four players.

Ko Yo-yeon and Go Kwang-min are living legends of FC Seoul, called ‘To Go’.

In particular, Ko Yo-han is a true legend and a ‘one club man’ who has never moved a team since joining Seoul in 2004. He is a multi-player who can play all positions except goalkeeper and center back, and despite his small physique, he overwhelms opponents with an overflowing fighting spirit. He is the type of midfielder who contributes to both offense and defense by moving around the ground with a tremendous amount of activity, and his basic skills are solid, so there are no mistakes or ups and downs. He has football intelligence and sense enough to do his part in any position, and in 2018, he developed to a higher level and became a midfielder with scoring ability. In his last season, he struggled with injuries, but he recovered from his injuries this season and is preparing for a comeback.

Except for the military enlistment, Ko Kwang-min also played only in Seoul. He received attention as a promising player while going through Jeunggok Elementary School, Dongdaebu Middle School, Dongdaebu High School, and Ajou University. Eventually, he joined FC Seoul with the 2nd pick in the 2011 draft, and from his debut season, he appeared in 7 games and contributed 1 assist. Since then, he has shown steady growth and digested both left and right sides, and in 2016, he scored 1 goal and 2 assists in 33 games, contributing greatly to Seoul’s thrilling come-from-behind victory. Afterwards, he was judged 4th grade due to habitual shoulder dislocation and served in the public service, and played an active part in Hwaseong FC and Yangpyeong FC. After completing his military service in 2019, he returned to Seoul and became a legend.

Hwang Hyeon-soo and Hwang Seong-min also renewed their contracts with Seoul. Hwang Hyeon-soo is a highly anticipated centerback despite his disappointment last season, and Hwang Seong-min is evaluated as a goalkeeper who will fill the void left by Yang Han-bin.

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