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One Championship Title Rematch, Heat of Nervous War

John Lineker (32, Brazil) is proud of being a top-notch fighter in the two weight classes of mixed martial arts.

‘ONE Fight Night 7’ will be held on the 25th at Lumpini Stadium (capacity: 5,000) in Bangkok, Thailand. The main event is the mixed martial arts bantamweight championship match between Lineker, who is ranked second in the official ranking, and Fabricio Andrade (25, Brazil), who is ranked first.

Lineker built his career in the UFC from 2012 to 2019, including flyweight fights and bantamweight top four. He became the bantamweight champion in March 2022 with 4 consecutive victories even after moving to Asia’s largest organization’ONE Championship’.

In October of last year, Lineker made his first 메이저사이트 defense against Andrade, who was ranked second in the official bantamweight division at the time. However, he lost the throne before he could even fight due to a weigh-in failure.

It’s not even about winning the game. The title fight itself was nullified when Lineker was hit in the middle by an Andrade attack in the third round.

One Championship judged that Andraj played a dominant game before the accident, and raised it to No. 1 in the rankings. After losing the title, Lineker became the number two bantamweight champion.

In an interview on the official One Championship website on January 31st, Andraji said, “I can knock Lineker out again. Blocked all attacks. I was confident of winning the rematch, saying, “I was on the verge of ending it (unless it was a foul play).

The next day, Lineker said, “Andraj kicked me in the groin with his knee. If it wasn’t for that illegal attack, it would have been a war-like fight until the end of 5 minutes × 5 rounds.”

Lineker acknowledged, “It was painful because I got hit in the ribs by a knee,” but insisted that he could have continued to play against Andrazi without the ensuing foul.

Andrade boasts a 60% (3/5) One Championship KO win rate. But Lineker said, “I got hit a lot, but I didn’t feel any pain. I was not afraid,” he said, criticizing his destructive power.

Lineker analyzed, “He didn’t think he needed to avoid punches, but he hurt his face a lot and got quite a few bruises.” Even if you don’t get sick, you allow a lot of correct hits, and if your skin is damaged, it is obviously unfavorable to the judgment.

Lineker, who said, “I figured out that Andraji’s strength and speed are the ability to try more attacks (than others),” and predicted a change in the second game, saying, “I don’t get jabed often anymore.”

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