‘Oh Yeong-gil’ anchored OK Financial Group rugby team, participated in the Super Rugby League on the 25th (comprehensive)

A new rugby team is ready to create a new narrative.

On the 20th, the ‘OK Financial Group Thinman Rugby Team Founding Ceremony’ was held at the ENA Suite Hotel in Seoul. The inauguration ceremony was attended by OK Financial Group owner Choi Yoon, rugby team coach Oh Young-gil, Tokyo Olympic national coach Andre Jin, coach Nam Chang-soo and the team.

The OK Financial Group Rugby Team was founded in March 2021, and is a club composed of ordinary office workers engaged in duties, not elite athletes. It was founded with the motto of ‘working office worker’ to support rugby players who have not achieved their dream of becoming an unemployed player.

He has won cups at the 32nd Presidential National Championships and the 75th National Championships, and won a bronze medal in the general division at the 103rd National Sports Festival.

Until recently, the OK Financial Group rugby team participated in the tournament as a club member. However, as an unemployment team, it started in earnest, and now it is possible to participate as a general team. During the day, the athletes work at a job such as loan review. After work and on weekends, he transforms into a rugby player and pursues his dream. 

Director Oh Young-gil was appointed as the first commander of the OK Financial Group rugby team. Director Oh has been active as a training coach for the Japanese Rugby League One Division 3 NTT Docomo Rugby Team Academy, and in 2021, he led the Korean national team to participate in the Asian Rugby Sevens Series.

Coach Oh is a veteran among veterans with more than 32 years of rugby coaching experience in Japan. He is known as the actual protagonist of the movie ‘600,000 Tries’, which tells the story of Korean-Japanese rugby students from Joseon Advanced School in Osaka, Japan, who advanced to the semifinals of the national tournament twice메이저놀이터

Director Oh, who participated in the founding press conference on this day, said, “I am delighted to be given the opportunity to coach Korean rugby.” He expressed the opinion that it would be good to raise the awareness and base of rugby in Korea and to have the effect of character education of teenagers through rugby.

However, Korean rugby still has a long way to go. Director Oh said, “Korea is still lacking in rugby recognition and dedicated stadiums. Players have grown well, but it is difficult to win matches. For now, we are aiming for two wins.” 

Yoon Dan-joo Choi (Chairman of OK Financial Group), who participated in the event, pointed out that “Korea has become an advanced country, but the reality is that sports education is still lacking.” 

Director Choi said, “I have developed a lot of physical education when Korea was in trouble, but I always wondered if I was playing sports in an advanced country after 2020, and I want to take on a challenge. I want to do it and I want all sports to be like that.” 

As a result, OK Financial Group launched a professional volleyball team, as well as the Pak Se-ri Invitational (golf) and rugby team, and started to expand the sports base in earnest.

Existing domestic rugby teams include KEPCO, Hyundai Glovis, POSCO E&C, and the Armed Forces Sports Corps (Sangmu), and OK Financial Group joined as the fifth team. Foreign mercenaries included Janu Venter (South Africa), who played for Yakult Levins in Japan’s top East League, Shunsuke Tani (Japan), who ate a pot of rice, and Divan Enslin, who played for Tel Aviv Heat, and Conor Clark (South Africa). 

The official schedule of the OK Financial Group rugby team starts on the 25th. He is scheduled to participate in the ‘2023 Korea Super Rugby League’.

Coach Andre Jin expressed his determination, “I will do my best and show my performance on par with (other teams), I will show you a good start.

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