New York sinking?… “Buildings sink by 1 to 2 mm every year due to the weight of the building”

A study has found that New York, the number one tourist destination in the United States, is sinking.

Many high-rise buildings, which are considered famous in New York, are a problem. Reporter Ryu Joo-hyun reports what the reason is.

The night view created by the skyscrapers and densely packed buildings of Manhattan, New York, USA is a world-class attraction.

It is also the reason why so many tourists flock to New York토토사이트.  

Egrantine Lazer / French tourist
“It’s been my lifelong wish to visit New York.”

However, a study has shown that New York City sinks by 2mm every year. It’s because of the high-rise buildings that make up the skyscraper. 

The U.S. Geological Survey team estimated that the total weight of more than 1 million buildings in New York is 770 million tons. That’s the combined weight of 70,000 Eiffel Towers in Paris, France.

Rising sea levels are also having an impact. Sea levels in the eastern part of the United States, where Manhattan is located, have risen by more than 20 cm since 1950. 

Zainy Babish / New York City Climate Change Officer
“New York faces 520 miles of sea level

, so we have to be mindful of typhoons and sea level rise. ” . 

Gavin Schmidt / NASA Goddard Space Research Institute
“2023 will be warmer than 2022. La Niña will subside and high temperatures are expected to continue.”

New York City has a population of 8.4 million, and warnings that the city may sink due to the weight of buildings and abnormal temperatures .

This is Ryu Joo-hyun from TV Chosun. 

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