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“Money is more important than life”: Influencers die in spate after ‘drinking binges’…wife “started broadcasting to pay off debts”

There has been another incident of an influencer dying while “drinking” in China스포츠토토.

On June 6 (local time), an influencer with more than 170,000 followers, A (27), was found dead at his home on the 2nd of this month after a drinking broadcast, according to China’s Jimun News.

It is understood that he drank several bottles of white liquor, a traditional Chinese alcoholic beverage with an alcohol content of up to 60 percent, during a live broadcast before his death.

It is known that Mr. A had a wife and son, which is causing even more heartache. Mr. A’s wife said, “He started broadcasting online to pay off a debt he owed before they got married,” and that they planned to earn money together to repair the house when their son went to kindergarten. Mr. A’s room was also decorated with the phrase “Money is more important than life.

Mr. A’s social media accounts are currently inaccessible. He was known for posting provocative videos of himself consuming too much alcohol and cracking walnuts with his head.

Chinese influencer B, who was found dead on March 15 after broadcasting a drinking video.

This is not the first fatal drinking incident in China. On March 15, a Chinese influencer, Mr. B, 34, died the next day after drinking seven bottles of white wine, saying, “I leave my fate to you.”

At the time, it was confirmed that Mr. B died after engaging in a so-called “drinking contest” with other influencers to gain support from viewers.

The incident has prompted local calls for tighter regulation of the livestreaming industry in China. An editorial was published in China’s state-run Anmin Daily, pointing out that similar accidents related to ‘drinking bouts’ have been occurring one after another, and calling for safety regulations and thorough investigations of video platforms.

Meanwhile, Douyin, the video platform used to livestream A and B, explained that it has implemented measures to prohibit drinking during livestreams and to revoke livestream privileges if found to be under the influence.

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