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Men’s handball Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation challenges 0% probability

“The Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation will also challenge the 0% probability.”

Women’s volleyball Korea Expressway Corporation was recorded as the first team in history to win all 3 to 5 games even after losing the 1st and 2nd games in the championship match. In men’s handball, Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation is challenging ‘0% probability’.

Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation won the 2022-23 SK Handball Korea League men’s championship match against Doosan in the first leg of the 2022-23 SK Handball Stadium in Seoul on the 5th, and won 31-30 after a close match that went to a 27-27 toss. As a result, Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation occupied an advantageous position in the championship match, which is held in a best-of-three match.

Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation advanced to the postseason with 2nd place in the regular league this season (25 points, 12 wins, 1 draw, 7 losses) and defeated Hanam City Hall to advance to the championship game. On the other hand, Doosan (31 points, 14 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses) in the regular league is the ‘absolute strongest’, challenging the combined championship for 8 consecutive seasons. Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation is inferior to Doosan in 4 regular league matches with 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses.

Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation left one win against Doosan for the first time in history. In the 11 men’s championship matches that started in 2011, there has never been a time when the second-place team in the regular league has defeated the first-place team to win the championship.

The game on this day was a constant one-on-one battle. The two teams, which were tied at 11-11 until the first half, were unable to decide the outcome at 27-27 in the second half and entered the game toss.

In the game toss, Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation ended the breathtaking game thanks to the goal of Yoon Si-yeol, the last shooter, while facing 3-3. Yoon Si-yeol was selected as the MVP of the first game by posting the most attack points (7 points and 3 assists) from both teams, as well as the winning goal that day.

In an interview afte스포츠토토r the match, Yoon Si-yeol said, “During the regular season, I couldn’t play much due to a calf muscle injury. He didn’t show it, but (because he didn’t help the team), he suffered a lot.” He continued, “(In the playoffs, scoring 8 goals against Hanam City Hall, etc.), (skills) have been improving since the postseason.” He said, “The women’s volleyball road construction won the ‘0% probability’” and “we (Incheon City Corporation) are currently challenging the 0% probability. I want to make a historical record.”

Meanwhile, in the women’s division, Samcheok City Hall, the ‘defending champion’, calmed the storm of the Busan Facilities Corporation and won 30-26, taking the first round of the championship first. In the first half, the score was 14-14, but in the second half, Yeon-jin Yeon and Kim On-ah’s offense and goalkeeper Park Sae-young’s defensive power revived the score.

Kim On-ah led the attack with 4 points and 11 assists, and goalkeeper Park Sae-young also showed off her impregnable defense with an ERA of 35%. Busan Facilities Corporation struggled with Jo Harang’s 8 points and 2 assists, but it was regrettable that Alina Kishiko, a foreign player from Belarus who played a big role in the playoffs, was completely blocked by Samcheok City Hall goalkeeper Park Sae-young.

The 4 men’s and women’s teams will each play the second round of the championship at the same place on the 7th.

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