Medical students who were sexually molested by female motives… ‘Surprised’ at the recent situation after being released

May 21, 2011. There was an incident in which three male students at Korea University College of Medicine sexually harassed a female student in a group.

22 years ago, male students Mo Park (23), Mo Han (24), and Mo Bae (25), who were in their fourth year of medical school at Korea University, went on a trip to Yongchu Valley in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do with classmates from the same department. lost.

When Mr. A, a fellow female student who traveled with her, got drunk and fell asleep, Mr. Park, Mr. Bae, and Mr. Han committed sexual harassment, such as taking off her clothes and underwear and touching her body parts. In the course of the crime, Mr. Han and Mr. Park also took pictures and videos with digital cameras and mobile phones.

The victim reported the damage to the school counseling center and the sexual violence counseling center of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family on the 22nd, the next day, and received psychiatric treatment in shock.

A face-to-face crime that took place at a prestigious university… Eventually, expelled from Korea University
A month later, on June 14, the police applied for arrest warrants for three perpetrators, including Han, Bae, and Park, on charges of special indecent assault.

Regarding the video of the victim’s naked body, the National Police Agency Cyber ​​Response Center succeeded in restoring some of it, but as a result of requesting the victim’s body fluids to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, it was not confirmed that he was drunk or had sex. Allegations of sexual assault were ruled out.

As soon as this incident became known, public anger poured out over the face-to-face behavior at a prestigious private school, and Korea University students also demanded the immediate expulsion of the student in question.

At the time, the signature campaign was held on the portal site./Photo = Capture of the portal site petition bulletin board

A signature campaign was held on a portal site demanding the expulsion of three medical students who sexually harassed a fellow female student from Korea University. ‘Expulsion’ is the most severe punishment that the school can impose on students.

The netizen who started the signature campaign said, “It is said that sexual harassment or sexual assault offenders become doctors, but you cannot be examined by such a doctor.” I ask for your signature.”

As voices calling for strong punishment grew louder, on September 5, about four months after the incident, Korea University finally ordered the perpetrators, three medical students, to be expelled from school, the highest level of punishment according to school rules.

Group sexual assault perpetrators sentenced to more than the sentence ‘unusual’

/Photo = Money Today DB

On September 30, four months after the incident, the first trial for the three perpetrators was held at the 29th Criminal Agreement Division (Chief Judge Bae Jun-hyun) of the Seoul Central District Court in Seocho-dong, Seoul.

Previously, the prosecution had sought a sentence of 1 year and 6 months in prison for them, but on this day, the court sentenced Park to 2 years and 6 months in prison, and Han and Bae to 1 year and 6 months in prison, respectively. In addition, they were required to disclose their personal information on the Internet for three years.

Usually, courts sentence the same or lower sentences than the prosecution’s sentence, but they were sentenced to more than the sentence. It was interpreted that the court paid attention to the pain the victim must have felt.

The judge said, “All three people, including Park, maintained a close relationship as friends with the victim for six years, so the victim’s sense of betrayal, sexual shame, and psychological shock from this case must have been very great.” We took into consideration the fact that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and the fact that the victim is demanding severe punishment.”

Regarding the difference in sentence between Mr. Park and the other perpetrators, “Mr. Park moved his seat until the morning after the second molestation and continued to pursue the victim, so the crime is bad,” he said. Compared to the defendants, they are relatively weak,” he explained.

However, the convicted perpetrators filed an appeal on October 7, saying that the court’s sentence was too heavy, and the prosecution also filed an appeal, saying, “The suspects showed no sign of remorse, and considering the damage, an appeal is inevitable.” .

The reason why the prosecution appealed is because it maintained the first trial judgment and also considered the ‘disadvantageous change prohibition principle’ that prevents a sentence heavier than the first trial from being determined if only the defendant appeals.

The perpetrators were sentenced to prison terms at the second trial held in February 2012 as the sentences of the centrifugal court were upheld. Mr. Han gave up his appeal and the sentence was confirmed in the appeals court, but Mr. Bae and Mr. Park appealed, and on June 28, 2012, the Supreme Court confirmed the lower court decision.

Second offense towards the victim… Added perpetrators of defamation charges

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In January 2012, before the second trial, Bae and his mother, one of the perpetrators, were additionally indicted for defaming the victim, Mr. A.

When an arrest warrant was issued for allegedly molesting Mr. A, Bae was accused of making a fact confirmation letter containing false facts and distributing it to schoolmates in order to avoid arrest for her.

The fact confirmation document made by Mr. Bae included the content that “Mr. In particular, the prosecution saw that Mr. A’s reputation was damaged by the expression “the prevailing opinion is that this case was greatly inflated due to Mr. A’s personality disorder tendencies.”

Bae was sentenced to an additional year in prison for defamation, and his mother Shin was also sentenced to one year in prison for defamation, but the sentence was reduced to a fine of 5 million won each at the appeals court.

After the incident… ‘Indignation’ at the perpetrator’s recent situation after serving time in prison

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In 2016, after serving his sentence for sexual harassment, it was known that after being released from prison, he took the 2014 College Scholastic Ability Test again and entered Sungkyunkwan University’s medical school. Controversy arose when it was revealed that Mr. Han also went to a local mock medical school.

In response, the student council of Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine and Graduate School of Medicine released a statement saying, “We raise a question about the fact that there are no legal sanctions against a person with a prior conviction for a serious sex crime becoming a doctor who can treat patients.” However, Sungkyunkwan University said, “Due to the protection of personal information, we cannot confirm any details, and we do not have an official position.”

Later, in March 2019, it was known that Park was preparing for the national medical examination, and it was known that there was no restriction on obtaining a doctor’s license for former sex offenders under the current Medical Act, causing a great social stir먹튀검증.

Along with pointing out the reality that doctors’ licenses cannot be revoked even if they receive a final judgment in court, voices have emerged that the Medical Act, which stipulates the qualifications of doctors, must be revised.

Also, in February 2020, it was reported that Park passed the national examination for doctors and passed as an intern at the Catholic Central Medical Center, but was canceled.

Regarding this, Hanil Hospital said at the time, “There was no case in which applicants were legally problematic at the time of recruitment.”

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